#newproductsTuesday – All-new Grove Motion Sensor Modules

Hey Seekers!!!

Welcome to newproductstuesday!!! Today we are going to introduce 2 new Grove motion sensor modules.
They are the Grove – 6-Axis Digital Accelerometer & Gyroscope (BMI088) and the Grove – Step Counter (BMA456).

Grove – 6-Axis Digital Accelerometer & Gyroscope (BMI088)

  • BMI088
  • High-performance 6-axis inertial sensor
  • 16-bit built-in ADC

Grove – Step Counter (BMA456)

  • BMA456
  • Plug-n-play step counter solution based on Bosch algorithm
  • 16-bit built-in ADC


Don’t forget to check out this video and learn more about our all-new Grove motion sensors.


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