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Hey Seekers!!!

It’s newproductsTuesday!!! This week we are excited to release the Grove – Coulomb Counter 3.3V to 5V(LTC2941), Pi RTC (DS1307) and High Accuracy Pi RTC (DS3231).

Grove – Coulomb Counter 3.3V to 5V(LTC2941)

  • LTC2941 by ADI
  • Has a very high charge accuracy of 1%
  • Can only support batteries with a terminal voltage between 3.3 and 5V
  • Interface using I2C

This module is ideal for projects where you need to monitor the battery charge state of the connected battery (single-cell Li-Ion batteries).

Note: Don’t use appliances which draw higher initial current, such as motors, servos or otherwise the IC will be damaged and the surface will be very hot.


The next 2 products that we released are the Pi RTC (DS1307) and the High Accuracy Pi RTC (DS3231).

    Pi RTC (DS1307)                                             High Accuracy Pi RTC (DS3231)            



These 2 RTCs are able to keep track of the time of your Raspberry Pi projects even though the power gets cut off to the Raspberry Pi. They can basically keep track of seconds, minutes, hours, date of the month, day of the week and the year with a leap year. Also, these interface with the Raspberry Pi using the I2C interface.

Note: A battery is not included with the package.

So what’s the difference between these 2 Pi RTC modules?

This week we plan to do something very exciting. If you guys are interested in building a project using any of these modules, please leave a comment in the comment section down below about your project idea and we will giveaway these modules to the person with the most interesting idea. So, guys its time for you to show your creativity.

Don’t forget to check out the video below to know more about our new modules and also experience a cool demo.







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6 thoughts on “All-new Modules – #newproductsTuesday #giveaway

  1. Hi LAKSHAN,

    Thanks for approving my idea. Looking forward to try it out soon.

    Best regards,

  2. Hi Seeed,

    This looks really useful grove module. I am working on a project that does data acquisition from few sensors and send hourly report to The Things Network using a Lora module. Since the project will be deployed in the field running on battery, it would be a great add on to use the “Grove – Coulomb Counter” to monitor battery usage and if the battery charge level goes below some preset threshold the lora module can send alert message so that we can know it needs recharge or replacement. Also, I find this grove module useful for those projects which uses breadboard and need to hook up Lipo battery on the breadboard. Can the Grove module be instructed over I2C to stop suppling power to the load?


    1. Hi Naveen,

      Your project idea sounds great! We are interested in your idea and will reach out to you on your email.
      Actually, the Grove module is not able to stop the supplying power to the load since there is no in-built switch in the module for you to control.
      Hope this helps.


      1. Hi LAKSHAN,

        Thanks for approving my idea. Looking forward to try it out soon.

        Best regards,

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