All-New Environmental sensing module, rivet pack and screw&nut pack on #newproductsTuesday

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We are excited to release the Grove – CO2 & Temperature & Humidity Sensor (SCD30), Grove – Screw&Nut Pack (20 Sets) and the Grove – Rivet Pack (30 PCS).

Grove – CO2 & Temperature & Humidity Sensor (SCD30)

Previously we had temperature sensors, humidity sensors alone and also temperature and humidity sensing combined in one module in our Grove family. Would it be awesome if there is gas sensing combined into temperature and humidity sensing as well on one single module? Well….the Grove – CO2 & Temperature & Humidity Sensor (SCD30) is our brand new product which comes with CO2, temperature and humidity sensing packed in one module.

Also, this module is very eye-catching because of its interesting design on the exterior cover. It shows how the Carbon Dioxide molecule is formed by the covalent bonding between one Carbon Dioxide and two Oxygen atoms

As you can see, the 4 valence electrons on each oxygen atom and also the covalent bonds between the carbon and oxygen atoms are clearly shown.

Here is a lewis structure of the CO2 molecule.

This module is based on the SCD30 by Sensirion and it features a high precision carbon dioxide sensor which is equipped with Non-Dispersive Infrared(NDIR) measurement technology. The carbon dioxide concentration is measured using the dual-channel principle and the sensor compensates for long-term drifts automatically by design.

  • The measurement range of this sensor is:- 0 ppm – 40’000 ppm
  • The measurement accuracy of this sensor is:- ±(30 ppm + 3%) between 400 ppm to 10’000 ppm

In addition to the carbon dioxide sensing, the SCD30 integrates a best-in-class temperature and humidity sensor which can output ambient humidity and temperature by using Sensirion’s algorithm.

Here is a pinout diagram of this module.

All in all, Sensirion’s SCD30 offers stable and accurate CO2, temperature and humidity monitoring. This allows users to develop new solutions for environmental sensing.

Grove – Screw&Nut Pack (20 Sets)

Grove Rivet Pack (30 PCS)

For the first time, we are excited to release the Grove – Screw&Nut Pack (20 Sets) and the Grove Rivet Pack (30 PCS). You can use theses to easily mount our Grove modules to other boards and make your project look tidier and easier to work with.

The Grove – Screw&Nut Pack (20 Sets) includes 20 screws and 20 nuts. 20 white screws are with PM2.0xH5.0mm and 10 nuts with M2.0xH6.0mm and the other 10 with M2.0xH10.0mm.

Here are dimension diagrams of these screws and nuts.

These screws and nuts are Nylon and the modules can easily be mounted using these. Also, these are very suitable for Grove modules with the Grove port at the back (panel mount).

On the other hand, Grove Rivet Pack (30 PCS) includes 30 rivets with 3 different sizes: Ten rivets(R2048) with 4.8mm, ten (2056) with 5.6mm and the other ten (2064) with 6.4mm.

Here is a dimension diagram of these rivets.

These rivets are also plastic and they are more convenient to use than screw and nuts. These are only suitable with Grove modules with a flat base at the back.

Therefore they they are not suitable for Groves with the Grove port at the back (panel mount).

So that is it for this week’s product release. Hope you guys like our products and please don’t hesitate to give us your feedback. Stay tuned until next week for the newproductsTuesday release!!!!!!

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