All-new Grove – RS485 and the Grove – Optocoupler Relay (M281) on #newproductsTuesday @Seeed

Hey Seeekers!!!

It’s newproductsTuesday. Today we are happy to release the Grove – RS485 and the Grove – Optocoupler Relay (M281).

Grove – RS485

The Grove  – RS485 module allows you to easily connect your Arduino with RS-485 devices!!!! It is plug and play ready, so you don’t need to worry about clumsy jumper wires. This module is based on the MAX13487E IC by Maxim Integrated and it is a very cost effective solution in serial communication where it can convert a UART serial stream to RS – 485.

Here is a pinout Diagram of this module.

Here is a functional Diagram of the MAX13487E.

MAX13487E is a half-duplex transceiver and therefore it is only able to communicate one way at a time. Also, it features one driver and one transceiver. Furthermore, it can be used to transfer data at 10Mbps and distances up to 1200m at a lower speed.

This module is very suitable for the following applications:-

  • Automated HVAC Systems
  • Industrial Controls
  • Industrial Motor Drives
  • Isolated RS-485 Interfaces
  • Utility Meters

Grove – Optocoupler Relay (M281)

The Grove – Optocoupler Relay (M281) module features the M281 relay which is a bi-directional, single-pole, single-throw normally open solid-state relay. This offers very low on-resistance which allows for a high load current rating.

Unlike the other TRIAC SSR on our website, this relay is based on MOSFET, so it can carry both AC load and DC load. If you need to use an SSR with the DC load, this is exactly what you need!

Also this a very cost effective Relay module compared to other Relay modules in the market. Usually, the price of a single-channel SSR will exceed $10 whereas the price of this module is less than half!!!

Here is a pinout diagram of this module.

 Also, here is a schematic diagram of the Relay

This Relay module has the following features:-

  • Low on-resistance(0.5Ω MAX.)
  • 1A continuous load current
  • 60V load voltage rating
  • Low input control current(3mA TYP.)
  • High input-to-output isolation(1.5kV MIN.)

Also it is very suitable for the following applications:-

  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Meter reading systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Battery monitoring
  • Multiplexers

So that is it guys for this week’s product release. Hope you guys like our products. Stay tuned for more products which are coming up in the future!

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