Making & tinkering is the DNA of Seeed. Apart from our internal hackathons, some Seeeders are also embracing parts and bits off hours by our own when we get inspirations. To share our tinkering with the community, here we are: a new column Making at Seeed is live.

The projects we’ll share in this new column might be really entry-level, but we just want to share to learn. So please don’t hesitate to leave comments or suggestions as your inputs and feedbacks will help us do better.

Let us share with you some of the projects done by our amazing makers here at Seeed.

Project: Sweet Assistant (Pill Reminder + Compliment)

By: Winnie Zhu (Sales and Marketing)

The inspiration for this project came from my mother, who has chronic gastritis and need to eat different types of medicine regularly. However, she frequently forgets to take her medication on time, and at times even forgetting which medicine she needs to take at that particular time. Since she is not very well educated, she would probably not taker her medication if there is no one at home to remind her to do so. Hence, I hope that this little pill assistant can help remind her to take the correct medicine at the appropriate timings.

Also, I have added a compliment function to appeal to children, whom I believe needs a lot of encouragement and recognition. This will help to build their confidence, and I hope that this will serve as a constant encouragement to my niece at home.

Key functions:

  1. Reminder to eat the correct medication at correct timings
  2. Encourage children through small affirmations

Project materials

Project: Smoke alarm detector with safety switch

By: Yehu He (Electrical Engineer)


Once, I noticed some wires that were bitten by rats, which presented a safety hazard. I designed this device to prevent a fire outbreak due to the bitten wires: if a fire were to occur the smoke will trigger the alarm and the device will cut off all electrical power, preventing further damage.

Project materials

Project: Robot artist

By: JingJing Li (Sales and Marketing)

Version 1.0
Version 2.0


The purpose of building this robot was to promote and showcase the uses of Arduino and its latest product line at “Maker Fair Shenzhen”. I used the Arduino Engineering Kit to create and produce a type of drawing robot using my own diagram (a rough sketch). By running the code that I wrote beforehand, the robot executes the program and draws the corresponding pattern on the whiteboard. During the robot making process, the user can also experience the beauty and fun of the coding language.

Project materials:

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