Introducing SLAMTEC MAPPER M1M1- 360°Laser Mapping Sensor

SLAMTEC Mapper is a new laser sensor category that integrates map building and real-time localization and navigation, contains the SLAMTEC third-generation high-performance SLAM engine and laser range scanner. With the help of SLAMTEC MAPPER M1M1, you can directly output high-quality maps and location coordinate information directly so that you no longer need to worry about SLAM construction and positioning problems when using Lidar.

And it does not need any external dependencies, plug and play only.

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SLAMTEC Mapper: a new metamorphosis of laser scanners

SLAMATEC Mapper is a new laser range scanner released by SLAMTEC. It is different from traditional laser scanners. It has built-in SLAM real-time map construction and positioning function, which is suitable for various applications such as robot navigation positioning, environmental mapping, and handheld measurement.

Let’s take a look at features of SLAMTEC Mapper:

  • Large Scenarios and High-quality Mapping
  • Power on and use, no external dependency
  • Tilt compensation, support 2m / s high-speed movement
  • Indoor and Outdoor Availability
  • Data analysis is convenient, ROS is fully compatible (RPLIDAR and ROS programming- The Best Way to Build Robot )
  • It is s a map radar but also a laser radar
  • Built-in WIFI, Ethernet interface, convenient communication

Although the SLAM technology has become increasingly mature, the large environmental area and complex scene structure in large-scale scenarios pose a great challenge to map construction.

100,000 square meters of excellent mapping, hand-held only.

SLAMTEC Mapper has two ranging radii of 20 meters and 40 meters which can be easily achieved for home scenes, commercial and light industrial scenes.

The following video shows how to map a 134m*111m underground parking lot construction. In the handheld mode, the M1M1 can “ignore” the bumps and slight shaking caused by walking and exert superb construction performance.

We got the following map:

Active detection of closed loops and correction maps

When encountering long corridors, many loops, and similar scenes, it is difficult to form an effective global matching reference in the SLAM process, which can easily lead to the local area cumulative error not being cleared in time, which leads to the loop closure problem.

The SLAMTEC Mapper has a built-in third-generation SLAM algorithm with the ability to proactively detect closed loops and correct maps.

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