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Slamtec Mapper M1M1 ToF Laser Scanner Kit - 20M Range

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Slamtec Mapper M1M1 is a 20M Range ToF Laser Scanner with built-in mapping and localization features. 

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The Slamtec Mapper has two models with a detection range of 20m and 40m. It can easily map for home scenes or commercial, light industrial scenes. The following picture shows the M1M1 map function with a 134 meters * 111 meters underground parking lot. In the handheld mode, the built-in 9 degrees freedom inertial navigation system of the M1M1 can eliminate the bumps and shake caused by walking and exert super high map construction performance.

SLAMTEC has released the Slamtec Mapper M1M1 ToF laser mapping sensor. It is more than a laser range scanner, the M1M1 features high-quality mapping and real-time localization or navigation function. Which means it can easily map for your home or office. Actually, it supports both indoors and outdoors mapping, supports large working scenarios over 100,000 m². It is a perfect laser scanner for robot localization and navigation, environment surveying and mapping, etc.

The M1M1 can detect up to 20 meters with the 5cm resolution and the re-localization accuracy is less than 0.02m. Such high-performance thanks to the SLAMTEC third-generation SLAM engine. On top of that, SLAMTEC M1M1 is quite easy to use, there is no need for any external dependency, just connect it with your computer via the USB cable, it will work then. What's more, the M1M1 comes with SLAMTEC full cross-platform SDK and tools for both mobile phones and PC. Get one now and make your own map, it pretty cool!



Large Scenarios and High-quality Mapping

Slamtec Mapper adopts SLAMTEC third-generation high-performance SLAM graph optimization engine and SharpEdge™ mapping technology to realize a high accurate thousand-square-meter map building and real-time localization, and it can actively detect the closed-loop and correct map.

The mapper is an ideal choice for users to realize mapping and re-localization in various complicated scenarios and output map and localization data that meets users' expectations.



Tilting Compensation and fast Moving

With the built-in inertial navigation system with nine degrees of freedom, Slamtec Mapper can work properly in tilting and shaky hand-held mode and ensure an excellent map data quality. In addition, it supports to move fast with a maximum speed of 1m/s.



Indoor and Outdoor Availability

Whether in a complicated indoor environment or an outdoor environment with direct daylight, Slamtec Mapper shows a good performance in mapping and localization in those complicated scenarios.



Built-in WiFi, Ethernet port, Easy Communication

With built-in access point and station mode WiFi as well as 100M Ethernet port, you can get the real-time map and localization data generated by Slamtec Mapper through the designed mobile application.



Fully Compatible with ROS, Easy Data Analysis

Slamtec Mapper provides completed cross-platform SDK and tools both on the phone and PC side for users to evaluate, develop and use. Through a matched ROS driver, you can integrate the generated map and localization data into the ROS environment seamlessly.



Plug and play, without any external dependence

Slamtec Mapper just needs a USB power cable to work well, without any additional support or accessories.



It is a Laser Mapper and also a LiDAR

In addition to its own mapping and localization functions, Slamtec Mapper can also be used directly as a LiDAR sensor. Via the SDK or ROS node, you can quickly send the LiDAR data to your existing system.



Comparing Different RPLiDARs

For your convenience, we made a table comparing different RPLiDARs so you can easily pick one that suits your project!

ItemMeasurement Performance
Distance Range Measurement Resolution Angular Resolution Sample Rate Working Environment
RPLIDAR A1M8-R6 0.15m -12m <0.5 mm ≤1° 2000-8000 Hz Indoor
<1% of actual distance *
RPLIDAR A2M6 0.2m – 18m <0.5 mm ≤0.9° 2000-8000 Hz Indoor
<1% of actual distance *
RPLIDAR A2M8 0.15m -12m <0.5 mm ≤0.9° 2000-8000 Hz Indoor
<1% of actual distance *
RPLIDAR A3M1 White objects: 25 m 0.225° 16 kHz or 10 kHz Indoor & Outdoor
Black objects: 10 m
RPLIDAR S1 White Objects: 40m 3cm 0.313°-0.587° 9200 Hz Indoor& Outdoor
Black Objects: 10m
RPLIDAR S2 White Objects: 30m 5cm 0.12° 32 kHz Indoor& Outdoor
Black Objects: 10m
SLAMTEC MAPPER M1M1 20m 5cm 7000 Hz Indoor & Outdoor
SLAMTEC MAPPER M2M1 Pro 40m 5cm 9200Hz Indoor & Outdoor


HSCODE 9031499090
USHSCODE 9026104000
EUHSCODE 9013101000
RoHS 1




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