Vote for Seeed’s Newest Stickers!!!

Hey EVERYONE, it’s finally here! These are 3 sticker designs that our designers have designed for the Maker community, each with a different style and artistic direction.

We hope that you guys can tell us your thoughts about it, or even better, give us some ideas and suggestions to improve our stickers further. Please leave your suggestions in the comment section below. If your idea is selected for a sticker, you can even stand to win a Maker souvenir from us!

Below is a short introduction on the inspiration for the 3 stickers, do vote for your favourite one:)

The Maker character in this sticker has many sleepless nights, often forgetting to eat his meals as she works hard on her latest projects. Hence, a robot assists the character to eat, leaving her hands free to build his project. Actually, if you look closely, the burger is not just a simple burger, but a prototype that is being built. Even her pet cat is wearing a mechanical cap that she made. The whole concept is about the enthusiasm that makers have for creation. Everything around them reflects their love for making things.

With a cup of coffee in one hand and a SenseCAP (one of our latest products) document in another, the PCB character reads this information and processes it. These inputs are then converted to the various equipments and functions, such as an integrated irrigation system, light sensor etc, all of which are functions of SenseCAP. By extracting various elements and extensions from the document, the lightbulb symbolizes innovative ideas being created. All in all, this character shows the operations of an actual PCB board, yet also portrays a maker spirit within, representing a combination of both mechanical parts and the makers behind it.

This is an embodiment of maker spirit, inspired by comics and superheroes from Avengers, DC, etc. People call him MakerMan, someone who has strong innovation and creativity. Whenever someone encounters setbacks and want to give up on their project, he will appear and use the Lightning Soldering Iron and Ultimate Jumper Wire to help solve the root of the problem.

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5 thoughts on “Vote for Seeed’s Newest Stickers!!!

  1. Nice to hear that all of these will go to print, but now the question is… how do we get our hands on some?

  2. Liked the PCB one more as its not to overwhelming and gives a pretty good depiction of what you guys do !!

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