A High Resolution, Contactless Rotary Position Sensor – The Grove – 12-bit Magnetic Rotary Position Sensor/ Encoder– #NEWPRODUCTSTUESDAY

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It’s new products Tuesday again! Today, we bring you a High Resolution, Contactless Rotary Position Sensor, the Grove – 12-bit Magnetic Rotary Position Sensor / Encoder (AS5600).

The Grove – 12-bit Magnetic Rotary Position Sensor / Encoder(AS5600) is a 12-bit high-resolution contactless magnetic rotary position sensor and an encoder. Compared with the traditional potentiometer, it has significant advantages: high precision, non-contact, no rotation angle limitation. The Grove –  AS5600 can work as a potentiometer or encoder with excellent reliability and durability.

What did we use to measure the angular position in the past?

Well…We used the Grove – Rotary Angle Sensor to achieve this. This potentiometer works by converting relative position information into electrical signals and also needs to be in contact with the object being measured. It also has an angular range of 300 degrees with a linear change in value.

But this potentiometer has some limitations and we solved this by bringing you the Grove – 12-bit Magnetic Rotary Position Sensor (AS5600).

Comparison table

Grove – 12-bit Magnetic Rotary Position Sensor / Encoder (AS5600)

AS5600 is based on the Hall Effect, the built-in Hall sensor can detect changes in the direction of the magnetic field, thus, there is also no rotation angle limit. Then the magnetic field direction information is amplified by the amplifier, with the help of the build-in 12 bit A/D, the AS5600 module can output 4096 positions per round.  The output is selectable, you can either use the I2C interface to output the RAW data or output the PWM wave/Analog wave via the OUT pin. Meanwhile, the maximum angle is also programmable, you can set the maximum angle from 18° to 360°, which means that the measured angular accuracy is up to 18/4096.

In addition, The AS5600 has certain requirements for the magnetic field to be measured. Please use a magnet similar in size to the chip. The module should be measured as close as possible to the magnetic field and the AS5600 sensor center should be aligned with the center of the magnetic field. The vertical distance is preferably from 0.5 mm to 3 mm.


  • Non-contact, no rotation angle limitation
  • 12-bit high-resolution, 4096 positions per round
  • Grove I2C, PWM/Analog Output
  • Great flexibility on an angular excursion: Maximum angle programmable from 18° up to 360°


  • Motor closed-loop control
  • Robot arm
  • Tripod head
  • Industrial machine control

What’s more exciting, we have built an Inverted Pendulum System using the Grove – 12-bit Magnetic Rotary Position Sensor(AS5600)! 

An Inverted Pendulum System (Source from Wikipedia)
An Inverted Pendulum System using the Grove – 12-bit Magnetic Rotary Position Sensor(AS5600)

For more information about this system, please stay tuned for our incoming blog!

Hardware Overview

So that is for this week’s product release. Hope you guys like it! Stay tuned for more products that will be released in the future!

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