New Expedited PCB Assembly Service Available via Seeed Fusion

As any product developer knows, tight, stable production times are key to reaching important deadlines. But in the world of manufacturing, this can present itself as a huge and laborious challenge. Why? Manufacturing is difficult. Sourcing issues, design errors, manufacturing tolerances, there are endless possible sources of errors that may adversely affect the lead time, yield, or even the success of a project. This is incredibly true of turnkey PCB assembly.

To remedy this, Seeed Fusion have launched the Expedited PCBA service; a Premium VIP service designed to ensure success and at record time.

With the Seeed Fusion Expedited PCB Assembly service, orders that would normally take 25 working days for production can be completed in less half the time.

Why choose the Expedited PCBA service?

  • Faster procurement time, our procurement team will scour local sources from trusted partners and channels.
  • Prioritized assembly. Jump the queue and cut the lead time.
  • Free Design for Assembly (DFA) review.
  • Designated manager will follow your order from start to finish.
  • Great if a quick prototype is needed or a deadline absolutely has to be met.

Design for Assembly (DFA) Service

Originally exclusive to the complete Design for X service from Seeed Fusion, the Design for Assembly service eliminates many of the production nightmares that tend to rear their ugly head in the middle of production. On average, 70% of orders will have some DFA errors and even more will go unseen. At best, they only cause a small delay or adversely impact the reliability of the device but at worst, all the populated boards may be unsalvagable and we have to start again.

For the DFA review, you will have a professional second opinion on the PCBA design as a complete device, not just a printed circuit board (which is covered in the Design for manufacture review). An engineer will verify all the footprints with the respective component datasheets and provide suggestions on the overall layout and features of the boards. DFA reviews are key to reducing last-minute mismatch shocks, ensuring optimal solder quality and maximizing production yield.

Example of the problems found via an in-depth Design for Assembly (DFA) review

Due to the meticulousness of the DFA review, the PCBA lead time will be extended by 1 to 2 days depending on the complexity of the boards. Any subsequent modifications will extend the lead time further and is not included in the quoted lead time. The DFA review is optional but we highly recommend it (and it’s free).

As with all PCBA orders with Seeed Fusion, free delivery also applies. Our Express DHL service takes only 2-3 working days to anywhere in the world.

Turnkey PCBA is tricky business and involves juggling unpredictable variables. For expedited orders, we pull together all of our resources into ensuring flawless assembly and making sure your ambitious deadlines are realized.

Just select the expedited PCBA option on the order form to request an Expedited PCBA quotation, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to working with you.

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October 2019