Meet Piper Sensor Explorer: Introducing Seeed Grove Sensors to Piper Computer Kit

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We are excited to share some great news with you! Our partner Piper’s Computer Kit, one of the STEAM products powered by Seeed Manufacturing service, has been named one of the “Top 3 Computers for Introducing Your Kids to Comp Sci” on WIRED Magazine. Congratulations Piper!

Piper Computer Kit Screen Demo

If you have been following the latest news on Piper, they have recently released a new product called the “Piper Sensor Explorer”, which includes 3 Seeed Grove sensors in the kit! Piper Sensor Explorer enhances the existing Piper experience and offers new possibilities for hands-on STEM learning. Equipped with the Piper Sensor Explorer, the Piper Computer Kit can now detect colour hues, compute distances and measure temperature! The Piper Sensor Explorer is recommended for ages 8+.

Piper Computer Kit(left) and Piper Sensor Explorer(right)
1. Colour Sensor module 2. Ranger module 3. Temperature Sensor module

Piper, Inc. was founded in 2014, and located in San Francisco, CA. It is an award-winning STEAM ed-tech startup committed to providing quality STEAM educational opportunities to students around the globe. Seeed has had a long history of partnership with Piper to manufacture their products, including the signature Piper Computer Kit. The services that we provide includes: sourcing for materials, prototyping, producing samples, mass manufacturing, global delivery and sales. We are glad to integrate our Grove system with the new Piper Sensor Explorer, to enable young innovators with greater access to build IoT-based projects with sensor modules.

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