Support for the Seeed Community: Free Face Masks for Makerspaces and Fablabs

We’re out! Our batch of free masks have already been snatched up. But after listening to feedback, it seems greater distribution and availability are what people need most. So we have successfully applied for a license and are now able to sell medical grade face masks directly via the Seeed Bazaar. Please see the details here. Thank you so much for your feedback and take care of your loved ones.

In light of the unprecedented spread of COVID-19 around the world, and to repay the kindness expressed by the Seeed community during our time of crisis, we’ve been thinking about how we can do our bit to support others in this time of need.

Just when life in Shenzhen started to return to normal, the virus began to tighten its grip abroad. And with medical supplies running low on a global scale, it is time Shenzhen, with extensive manufacturing capabilities, supported others as much as possible.

Currently, much sought-after medical grade face masks are finally rolling off production lines and are beginning to satisfy demands. The only issue now is how to get them to where they are needed. To help, Seeed has procured a batch to distribute and has already dispatched masks to partners around the world. Now we would like to reach out in support of makerspaces and Fablabs to distribute to members in need.

If you think you could help, please get in touch via [email protected] with details of your makerspace or Fablab as soon as possible. Supplies are very limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis so please do not delay.

To better facilitate logistics and avoid customs issues of sending masks, which we have recently encountered, the face masks are best sent along with other products and goods. We suggest that an order (of any amount is fine!) be placed with Seeed Bazaar or Seeed Fusion and choose courier shipping options rather than registered airmail, then we can tuck a box or two of face masks (50 per box) in your package. But do write to us first and we can discuss your situation and see how to best meet your needs efficiently.

We wish you all the best of health, both physically and mentally, during this challenging period. But have no doubt that we can best this virus together and return to our normal lives soon,

Stay strong!


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March 2020