Disposable Face Masks Available for Purchase on Seeed Bazaar

Seeed has received many emails from friends in the makerspace communities in Europe and North America about the free face masks since we posted this blog last weekend, and have been shipping the masks out in the past few days. However, seeing that there are many urgent demands, we wanted to do our best to make masks available to more people. Yesterday Seeed was able to obtain a license to sell face masks and secure a quantity of disposable face masks that can be purchased here.

As some countries have started to collect all incoming masks of large quantities to be distributed centrally, and also due to our limited supply, each order cannot exceed two boxes of masks (50 pcs in each box, therefore maximum 100 pcs per order). These masks can be purchased independently or with other Seeed products. Please note that the suppliers’ prices are fluctuating all the time, therefore there may be an increase in our prices as we procure new batches. However, we promise to do our best to source reliable products with reasonable pricing.

These CE and FDA-certified masks are for one-time use only and are recommended for usage when in contact with people that may be exposed to larger populations, ie service crews. They are NOT to be used by medical professionals who work directly with infected patients.  We want to stress the importance of social distancing, that it is still most important that you stay at home and limit contact with other people outside your homes. These masks are NOT safeguards for venturing outside and should be used only when necessary.

Also newly available is non-contact infrared thermometer for monitoring body temperature as fever is one of the most common symptoms of the coronavirus. Seeed will continue to source other protective gears and make them available to you. If you have needs regarding a specific item, please send an email to [email protected]

In the last week, we have seen makers and innovators come together online in hackathons and forums to co-create solutions to help with Covid-19 causes in their communities. It’s in these times when the spirit of making shines most brightly. Let’s all keep safe and keep making, alone but together.

Wishing you all the best!

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