An improvement of grove multichannel gas sensor

Many of our customers have asked us to bring back the multichannel gas sensor. However, based on the community’s feedback, the sensor itself has a serious flaw. The data it measured is not consistent and accurate due to the limitation of current craft. And there is only one sensor on board. Thus, we decided to make an major improvement and remanufacture the multichannel gas sensor.

Although we adopted the same craft, we added another 3 sensors on board , which means now we have 4 identical sensors as a matrix on a single multichannel gas sensor module.

Then we modified our library to return a data matrix from the four sensors, instead of a direct judgement about the data. Yes, we choose to be honest. The sensor itself is not precise enough to determine which gas it detected in different environment. Thus, we encourage you to do further development of the code based on the environment where you place the sensor, in order to help our clients to get a much more accurate and precise gas detection sensor.

As the sensor is mainly used to detect harmful gases and we value our customers’ health, we have to make sure our product can not only work, but work well. The new version of multichannel gas sensor is coming out soon. Hope it can help our clients to solve some real problems, like our other products did.

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March 2020
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