Cool and Useful Grove Modules that You may Never Know

This article will introduce you to some interesting, useful but uncommon Grove modules.

1# Grove Wrapper

One of the biggest intrusions using Grove modules is how to prevent short circuits, and the other is how to fix the modules. Now you can shoot two birds with one stone. The answer is Grove – Wrapper.

With Grove-Wrapper, you can place all Grove modules neatly and without worrying about short circuits at all. As shown in the figure above, you can build grove modules together like building blocks. To tell you a secret, the Grove Wrapper is compatible with LEGO. In my opinion, every Grove user should have a dozen of those wrappers in their tool box.

2# Grove I2C Hub

Well, we love I2C, simple hardware, low resource consumption, and is widely used. Almost all IC manufacturers have integrated I2C on the chip now. So you can find more and more Grove modules with I2C interfaces, actually, more than 80 Grove I2C modules available now. However, happy troubles arise.

Usually there are only one or two I2C interfaces on a Seeeduino board. What if we need more, let’s say, how to connect three I2C modules with one Seeeduino. Of course, you can use Grove Baseshiled, however, a better solution is to use the Grove – I2C Hub.

Simple module to turn one Grove I2C port into three, easy peasy. Well, well, we know you want more. So we released the Grove – I2C Hub (6 Port) recently.

Compared with the 4 port I2C Hub, the same size, two more connectors, almost half the price!

Wait! Still not enough? We aware that human nature is greedy, you always want more. Let’s meet the super Grove – 8 Channel I2C Multiplexer/I2C Hub.

This one is more than just a superposition of port quantities. As you may know, I2C devices must use different addresses in the same bus system, even use the Grove I2C Hub (4 or 6 port), the rule is still the rule. However, with the help of  Grove – 8 Channel I2C Hub, you can plug up to 8 same-address I2C devices to the same Grove I2C system. All thanks to the TCA9548A I2C Multiplexer Chip. It adopts time-division multiplexing technology so that the same controller can control 8 I2C devices with the same address. No more worrying about address conflicts.

Well, that’s all, no more I2C Hubs.

3# Grove – RJ45 Adapter

We’ve made the 5cm,20cm,30cm,40cm,and 50cm Grove cables for different applications. However, people often ask that:

“I want a bunch of Grove cables, 2 meters long.”

Even if we want to help, the Grove cable itself can’t be that long, because a meter Grove cable will lose a lot of signals. So, can we only reply and say “Sorry, we can’t help?”

It really should be so until we have the Grove – RJ45 Adapter.

With two RJ45 adapters and an Ethernet cable, you can connect two Grove modules a thousand miles away. (exaggerated, not so far)

Let’s call it a day. We will continue to update the interesting GROVE module on this page, stay tuned 😀

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