Update for Seeeduino XIAO from The Community

We released Seeeduno XIAO in January. With a tiny size, $4.9 of the price and rich interfaces we received a lot of good feedback from the community. Now there are a lot of customers have received XIAO in hands and get started on their projects. We welcome you to share project ideas and ask questions in our brand new forum. Seeed team will reply to every question and help you solve the problem in a fast way.

Seeeduino XIAO is the smallest Arduino compatible board in Seeeduino Family. It is an Arduino microcontroller that is embedded with the SAMD21 microchip. The interfaces of Seeeduino XIAO is rich enough in such a tiny Dev. Board as well.

Also, any new product ideas? Let us know in the forum! We will carefully listen to the community and then take action!

The following are some latest updates in the forum about Seeeduino XIAO

Use Xcode with embedXcode to develop for the Seeeduino Xiao M0


embedXcode is a template for Xcode, the free IDE for macOS, to ease development for the most popular embedded computing boards.

Since release 11.7.2, embedXcode supports the Seeeduino Xiao M0. Additionally, the embedXcode+ edition leverages the exposed SWD pads for debugging with a Segger J-Link probe.

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CircuitPython on the Seeeduino XIAO–working!


Nice board. Remember to get a USB-C cable if you don’t have one already.

Support was just added (2020-01-15) to CircuitPython for this board–you’ll have to build from the source, though, until they post the pre-built uf2 file. (Or see below.)

If you can’t wait, you can use the uf2 for the SAMD 21 Mini in the meantime, but the pinouts will be mixed up, probably as follows: 1=A0, 2=A3, 3=D1, 4=D0, 5=D4, 6=D3, 7=A1, 8=A2, 9=D9, 10=x, 11=D8, and the LED is on the same D13.

Note that the recommended Mu editor won’t recognize the XIAO for serial communication yet unless you add the USB VID (0x2886) and PID (0x002f) to the Mu code (see circuitpython.py or adafruit.py in the Mu app), but works fine for writing/saving programs to it. The most recent (alpha) version of Mu may work if you used the SAMD21 Mini uf2, but you may need to add the VID/PID to the current stable version of Mu.

(I have attached a uf2 for the XIAO based on the circuitpython codebase as of 2020-01-15. Please go to the circuitpython website to get the most current version once they start listing it.)

Linux Driver for Xiao


Is there a Linux driver for the XIAO device? My Ubuntu 18.04 doesn’t see the device and I have USB 3 support installed.


The system needs to be set up when Linux installs the arduino IDE.Did you do this operation?

The system needs to be set up when Linux installs the arduino IDE.



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  1. > Note that the recommended Mu editor won’t recognize the XIAO for serial communication yet

    Have you put in a formal request to the Mu developers? I was able to make the edit, but it will confuse many people.

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