Wio Terminal:A Look Back to Last Week #4 – Read COVID-19 Live Data, Play with Grove – Ultrasonic Ranger, and Updates for TinyUSB & Ardupy Aip

The first batch of Wio Terminal is already shipped, have you received yours? If you still have no idea about how to get started or what to do with Wio Terminal, let’ check what we made last week and you might get some inspiration!

In this post, we will take a quick look at:

  • Reading Coronavirus COVID-19 Live Data using Wio Terminal
  • Play Grove – Ultrasonic Ranger with Wio Terminal (ArduPy)
  • Updates for TinyUSB
  • Updates for Ardupy aip
  • Who Can Break the record?

Reading Coronavirus COVID-19 Live Data Using Wio Terminal

This demo is a modification of Reading Github Repository Stats from Wio Terminal. It is designed to access to Coronavirus COVID19 API and parse the data and display Live COVID-19 data on the LCD screen. We hope this challenging period will end soon and this demo will be no longer practical, but of course, this instruction can be applied to many other scenarios to meet your needs.

Play Grove – Ultrasonic Ranger with Wio Terminal (ArduPy)

Grove – Ultrasonic Ranger is now compatible with ArduPy! Using the plug-and-play Grove – Ultrasonic Ranger for distance measurement is already simple and quick, and the combination of ArduPy & Grove just makes it easier than ever. Check our wiki for full instruction!

Updates for TinyUSB

TinyUSB has recently updated its Arduino core and changed its API slightly in terms of usage. We have quickly updated our Seeed SAMD Board library to adapt to the new API. You can update the Seeed SAMD Boards to 1.7.3 to use with the latest TinyUSB library for Arduino.

Updates for Ardupy aip

aip is a command-line interface for ArduPy, you can use aip to install ArduPy libraries, build and flash ArduPy firmware to hardware with ease. We introduced some useful commands in our wiki. Tap these commands in the terminal and start your journey with ArduPy!

Who Can Break the Record?

We set this tiny retro game as the factory firmware of Wio Terminal, and I became completely obsessed with it at the very first time I saw it. It was a bit hard at first, and took me about an hour to get this score! We have got some feedback from the community but so far 57 is the highest. Can you break this record? Post your score on twitter and @seeedstudio!

Enjoy the coming weekend with your Wio Terminal and feel free to ask any question at our forum!

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