SenseCAP is LoRaWAN Certified

SenseCAP has recently been certified with LoRaWAN™ certification and it is now listed on the LoRa Alliance certificated products page.

As an honorable member of LR Alliance, we are happy to share a piece of exciting news: SenseCAP has recently been certified with LoRaWAN™ certification and it is now listed on the LR Alliance certificated products page.

SenseCAP LoRaWAN Certification

The LoRaWAN™ certification is extra proof that SenseCAP is reliable and compliant with LoRaWAN specification.

A certified product means it supports any combinational use with other IoT or network technologies that are compatible with LoRaWAN. As mentioned on the LR Alliance website, LoRaWAN® certification ensures interoperability and compliance on any LoRaWAN network.

The certification process contains several major steps. Please refer to the flowchart below.

LR Alliance® Product Certification Process Flowchart

The LoRaWAN end devices must be sent to a LR Alliance® Authorized Test House (ATH) for formal testing, according to LR Alliance 2019 Annual Report LoRaWAN Creating Valuable IoT Connections. And Seeed SenseCAP was tested by DEKRA Japan.

The certification consists of a list of tests, which generally covers device activation, over the air activation, test application functionality, AES encryption and message integrity, downlink error rate, and many other tests! As long as the product meets the standards of the LoRaWAN examination and pass the testing, the ATH will send the testing report to LR Alliance for verification. After verifying the report, LR Alliance will issue the Certificate of Compliance, and then the product will be listed on the “Certified Products” page of LR Alliance website.

To learn more details about the procedure of the LoRaWAN™ Certification process, read here.

About SenseCAP

As an industrial-grade IoT product series, SenseCAP LoRaWAN is designed to meet very strict requirements for application in various fields, including smart agriculture, precision farming, meteorological monitoring, and smart cities, etc. The products are designed with industry standards, enabling them to function properly with great applicability, reliability, stability, and durability. With previous deployments in greenhouses and outdoor fields, SenseCAP has received positive feedback from system integrators in China and worldwide.

To learn more about the various applications of SenseCAP, click here to access our user cases in environmental monitoring, smart farming, and weather station.

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