Seeed Fusion Groupbuy platform is live!

The new Groupbuy program has now launched and is currently calling for participants.

What is Fusion Groupbuy?

Groupbuy is a platform that you can start selling your products directly on the Seeed website in a time-limited Groupbuy style format.

By utilizing Seeed Groupbuy, you can initiate a Groupbuy campaign where the final product will be manufactured by Seeed if the campaign is a success. If your Groupbuy project secures the minimum number of orders, you can begin production as usual without the uncertainty of demand or waste. Seeed will then ship the boards to the supporters directly, and you will receive 100% of the profits, commission-free throughout 2021.

What can designers look forward to?

  • NO commission

We do not charge any service fees for Fusion Groupbuy. 15 days after all Groupbuy orders have shipped, the payment will be deposited directly into your account via PayPal or wire transfer.

  • NO risk

Even if the Groupbuy fails to gain enough supporters, Seeed will handle refunds to all participants, so you don’t need to worry about the follow-up work.

Full ownership of the final work belongs to the designer. You can also sign an NDA agreement with us.

  • All around support

Unlike other Groupbuy services, you have the solid manufacturing and logistical support of Seeed throughout the entire Groupbuy process. We take care of production, first-article inspection, logistics and delivery, and provide a platform for initiating and managing your Groupbuy campaigns.

At present, we have invited a senior electronic engineer to conduct internal testing – and just in time for Christmas! Introducing the Programmable LED Snowflake Board for Christmas, available now on Fusion Groupbuy [now ended].

This board is controlled by the STC15W204S microcontroller integrated with a 8051 core. Users can design the program to customize a variety of creative light patterns such as fireworks, spin-wheels, shiny stars etc. The CH340 USB-to-Serial chip is utilized so that users simply need one Micro-USB cable to for both power and uploading the program.

Seeed Fusion Groupbuy is currently in the internal beta phase, and you are welcome to participate in our internal beta. Your experience and opinions are very valuable, and our development team will continue to improve based on your feedback.

If you are interested in participating in our internal beta, please contact us via [email protected].

Put your design to the test and try Seeed Fusion Groupbuy. Watch this space for more information and updates soon!

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