Seeed IIoT Products SenseCAP Shortlisted for Green Tech Catalog 2020

Seeed IIoT products SenseCAP series are shortlisted for “Green Tech Catalog 2020”, with recognition from the industry for the product quality and its economical and social benefits.

It’s great-news-to-share Friday, and we’d like to announce that Seeed IIoT products SenseCAP series are shortlisted for “Green Tech Catalog 2020”, which was initiated by Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau, the government office that coordinates and promote the development in innovation and application of science and technology.

Green Tech Catalog 2020” was launched with a core aim of promoting technology transformation and application, especially the green tech that can contribute to the sustainable development goals. The application scope of green technology includes energy conservation and environmental protection, clean production, clean energy, ecological conservation & restoration, green infrastructure, circular economy, and sustainable agriculture, etc.

Any company that is legally registered in Shenzhen or the Shenzhen-Shantou Special Cooperation Zone is eligible to submit their products.

Among the many criteria, the following are some of the main elements that determine whether the submission is selected:

  • the company owns the intellectual property of the submitted products;
  • the submitted products must comply with industry standards and national requirements and regulations in terms of quality, safety, energy consumption, and environmental protection;
  • the submitted products must be innovative, adopting advanced technology, economical and practical;
  • The application of the submitted products must yield good economic, environmental, and social benefits;
  • The submitted products must already have mature and successful use cases that are deployed for at least 1 year.

The program attracted thousands of submissions, which range from product design, production, consumption/adoption/application to the recycling of the products and technologies. And SenseCAP has been shortlisted in the Shenzhen Green Tech Catalog 2020! (see SenseCAP listed below)

(SenseCAP listed in the final announcement of the Green Tech Catalog 2020)

If you are not familiar with SenseCAP yet, SenseCAP is the industrial-grade IoT products created by Seeed. The products are designed with industry standards, IP66 rated, featuring stability, robustness, and accuracy. The products are especially suitable for outdoor environmental sensing scenarios, such as smart agriculture, smart city, smart weather stations, and other scenarios that environmental data are important. And you can learn more about the SenseCAP series product here.

Parameters such as soil moisture and temperature are highly important for agriculture. As they are a key indicator for when and how much irrigation is needed for how long. With the data collected via products such as SenseCAP, it will help farmers irrigate the optimal amount at the right time with a suitable amount, thus it will not only lead to better yields in farming but also lower input from farmers and less burden on the earth.

Likewise, meteorological parameters such as CO2 concentration, rainfall volume, etc., are of vital importance in city management scenarios. On the one hand, the CO2 level can indicate whether and when ventilation is needed for indoor environments to ensure the health of residents in the building/factory/shopping malls, and it can also indicate whether a certain area of the city might be exposed to gas/liquid leak or pollution, hence suggesting actions at its earliest stages to avoid any risks or incidents. On the other hand, the rainfall volume can indicate a certain road might be jammed because of heavy rain, hence the transportation bureau can coordinate and suggest alternative routes for cars and buses, to avoid incidents and lower traffic burdens. In scenarios like the above-mentioned, environmental & meteorological sensors such as SenseCAP will play a crucial role in ensuring economic and social benefits.

SenseCAP has been deployed in the field for more than 2 years, in high-mountain tea plantation, poultry farming, outdoor triticale farm, autonomous greenhouse challenges, and global IoT education initiative, etc. Learn more at Seeed IIoT solution site.

Needless to say, industrial IoT products can play an important role in many scenarios to contribute to a better outcome of commercial successes with environmental friendliness. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Welcome to leave comments or drop a line at iot[at]seeed[dot]cc should you have any inquiries. Let’s together build a greener future!

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