FREE Giveaway: 10 Wio Terminals and No-Code Programming TinyML Course for STEAM Educators!

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If you have been following us on LinkedIn, you might be updated that our graphical programming platform Codecraft supports TinyML (aka. Embedded machine learning) in partnership with Edge Impulse. TinyML is easily accessible for STEAM education as acquiring data, training, and deploying models can be all done by simple drag-and-drop coding now. And to make it more simple, our Edu team has created an 80-page PDF course No-code Programming to Get Started with TinyML by Projects. It’s designed to introduce beginners to the basics of embedded machine learning with Wio Terminal and Codecraft graphical programming.

To celebrate the launch, Seeed is now hosting a giveaway for STEAM educators, with not only the PDF course to help educators to introduce machine learning courses to their classrooms, but also FREE Wio Terminals! 10 lucky educators will win a Wio Terminal and the course for use in their classrooms!


Why STEAM Education Should Embrace TinyML with Codecraft and Wio Terminal

1. Harvard University: “The Future of Machine Learning is Tiny and Bright.”

Tiny Machine Learning (TinyML) is a field of machine learning that focuses on the development and deployment of ML models on low power, low-footprint microcontroller devices like a Wio Terminal, for example. Tiny Machine Learning is a deep learning toolkit made for tinkers, educators, and for those who want to know how machine learning really works. It can be a great entry point to programming and machine learning for K-12 students. Currently, Harvard University, UNIFEI, and many educational institutes have already launched TinyMlL programs to encourage educators and students to embrace the cutting-edge technology of machine learning.


2. Codecraft: Drag-and-drop Coding to Master TinyML 

Codecraft is a graphical programming software suitable for kids ages 6-18 to code. It’s based on the Scratch 3.0 language and enables programming by simply “dragging and dropping” blocks. In addition to Scratch’s ability to program interactive games or animations, Codecraft also supports a variety of common hardware devices including Arduino, Micro: bit, Wio Terminal, and more. It enables hardware and software integration, which makes programming even more fun! This is perfect for educational fields where frustrating wiring and soldering are hindrances rather than opportunities for learning.


3. Wio Terminal: A Complete AI Platform to Get Started with TinyML

Wio Terminal is a complete AI platform to get started with TinyML and IoT – Built around the ATSAMD51P19 and ARM Cortex-M4F at 120MHz for high compatibility with various ML frameworks for microcontrollers. In addition to integrated WiFi & Bluetooth, it has an onboard 2.4” LCD Display, IMU, microphone, buzzer, microSD card slot, light sensor & infrared emitter to tackle any kind of application. The Wio Terminal is also officially supported by Edge Impulse and TensorFlow Lite (two popular TinyML software platforms), which means that you can easily design and deploy ML applications with it! You can explore the endless possibilities with hardware, software, and learning resources on our Hello World of AI page.


4. Comprehensive Courses and Video Tutorials 

There are plenty of courses, guidebooks, and resources that educators can utilize to support their students’ learning.


How to Enter the Giveaway?

To get the free giveaway, simply follow the two steps:

  1. Follow Seeed Studio on LinkedIn
  2. Share our LinkedIn post to your LinkedIn account
  3. Tag 3 STEAM educators that you like in your connection on the comment section of our LinkedIn post 

All participants who comment will get a link to download the 80-page PDF courses. Meanwhile, we will select 10 lucky educators who commented to give away 10 Wio Terminals on September 16, 2021.


Some must-know tips:

  1. If you’d love to tag more than 3 educators (let’s say 6 educators or more), you can comment twice or more to submit 2 entries to compete to win a Free Wio Terminal. Just please make sure the people you tag are STEAM educators in your connection. 
  2. When you get the PDF course, you are welcome to share it with the educators that you tagged in the comment.

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