Seeed Presents at Helium Hacks Happy Hour on April 5

We at Seeed were thrilled to have been invited by Helium Foundation to join their upcoming Helium Hacks Happy Hour! Taking place at 14:00 on April 5, 2023 (PT), the theme of this online get-together is Build Your LoRaWAN Nodes with SenseCAP.

For this event, we’ll highlight SenseCAP S2100 DTU, SenseCAP Sensor Builder, and many other sensor probes and show how to build a LoRaWAN Node with these devices. SenseCAP S2100 DTU connects to MODBUS-RTU RS485/Analog/GPIO sensors and transmits data from sensors to the LoRaWAN network. Benefiting from LoRa and IP66 design, this device features stability and reliability and covers a long transmission range (2km in urban scenes and 10km in line-of-sight scenes) while keeping ultra-low power consumption, which is ideal for outdoor use. It is specifically optimized for OTA with built-in Bluetooth, which enables quick setup and update. Together with different sensor probes and SenseCAP M1/M2 Helium Hotspot, you can easily deploy IoT solutions to leverage the usage of The People’s Network.

During the event, our esteemed Kevin Yang, Jenkin Lu, and Violet Su will be joining Travis from the Helium Foundation to explore the following exciting topics:
-flexibility with industrial protocols: MODBUS RS485, 4~20ma, 0~1V,
-the possibility of designing a new industrial LoRaWAN sensor by connecting to existing open-source Grove modules
-how-tos: a quick demo to show how to connect a certain sensor quickly
-user cases: introducing some existing user cases of SenseCAP S2100

Come join us at 14:00 on April 5, 2023 (PT), for this online event to learn how SenseCAP can help you find new ways of building your LoRaWAN nodes to leverage the usage of The People’s Network. It’s sure to be an event filled with actionable ideas and a great chance for us all to build something spectacular together!

About Helium Hacks Happy Hour

Helium Hacks Happy Hour is a weekly virtual get-together for Helium hardware enthusiasts of all levels to discuss building on Helium, from complete beginners to the most seasoned sensor specialists. Each week often features guests from unique backgrounds with a wealth of Helium and hardware knowledge to share! You can find all the past events recorded on YouTube.

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