Ring Mouse based on Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840

The device is HID mouse controller with 4 buttons. There are: left mouse click, right mouse click, wheel up and wheel down buttons. Connected to PC by Bluetooth. The controller is working as a ring on the hand. Is designed as left and right execution.

The device is based on the Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840 microcontroller, it has its own battery power supply. The battery is of course charged when the USB cable is connected. Charging is indicated by a green LED. The magnetic cable can be used.

Seeed Hardware: Seeed Studio XIAO nRF52840

Software: CircuitPython

Industry: Smart Devices


With the continuous development of virtual reality technology, flight simulation games have become a popular entertainment activity. However, traditional simulator games still have some limitations in terms of operation, such as the need to use peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard to control various functions of the aircraft. This operation method is not only insufficiently realistic but also reduces the user’s immersion. To address this issue, a new device was developed to enhance the user’s immersion in virtual flights in DCS World. Used together with the VR hand tracker Leap Motion and The Fingers software, this device eliminates the need for a mouse in the cockpit, allowing users to operate buttons with their hands and fingers, which more realistically simulates the process of flying. With this new mode of operation, users can experience the feeling of flying more deeply, while also increasing the fun and challenge of the game.

The Challenge

Making this project may present some challenges, particularly for those who are not familiar with electronics and programming. Basic soldering skills are required to assemble the components of the device, and this may be a challenge for those who have never done it before. Additionally, microcontroller programming is necessary, although it is limited to copying files. For those who have never done any programming before, this may be a bit intimidating at first. Finally, 3D printing is required to create the enclosure for the device. While 3D printing technology has become more accessible in recent years, it may still be a challenge for those who are not familiar with the process. Overall, while the skills required to make this project are not particularly advanced, they do require some basic knowledge and experience with electronics, programming, and 3D printing, which may present a challenge for some individuals.

The Solution

To use Rings for its intended purpose, it is necessary to have the Leap Motion LM-010 device and The Fingers program installed. To attach the Leap Motion to the VR goggles, Team members created printable components. To assemble the buttons, it’s recommended to first straighten the legs of the tactile switches before folding them. Then, solder them in the marked places. Use wires to prepare the connections to the microcontroller. It’s sufficient to lead the wires outside the Ring without insulation, for approximately 4mm, with the exception of the GND cable for the Right Ring, which should be around 25mm. Solder the components according to the diagram before assembly with the Ring. Solder the microcontroller with the Ring in the marked places. The slider switch can be assembled by pushing it into the holes with three legs. The holes in the Ring are tight enough to hold the slider steady. Finally, it’s just a matter of copying files to the microcontroller drive. There is no need to use any specific software or write code. By following these steps, the Rings can be set up and ready to use with the Leap Motion and The Fingers program.

The Results

The device is an HID mouse controller with four buttons, including left mouse click, right mouse click, wheel up, and wheel down. It is connected to a PC via Bluetooth and is designed to be worn as a ring on the hand. Additionally, it is designed to be executed as both a left and right-handed device. This innovative design allows users to control their computers without the need for a traditional mouse, freeing up their hands for other tasks. With the ability to perform all of the essential mouse functions, including left and right-clicking and scrolling, the device offers a convenient and efficient way to interact with a computer. Whether used for work or play, the device provides a comfortable and intuitive way to control a computer without the need for a bulky mouse.

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