Enhancing Safety in Mining Operations by using Raspberry Pi-powered HMI/Gateway for Distance Detection and Warning


Our valued partner, a mining company, is using reTerminal DM for safety distance detection and warning for mining trucks. When people or vehicles approach the mining trucks, the system alerts the drivers. The reTerminal DM serves as a LoRaWAN gateway, receiving UWB signals and mining truck GPS positioning to determine the distance between individuals and the trucks.

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Seeed‘s Solution: Raspberry Pi-powered HMI reTerminal DM

Industry: Mining Industry


The large size of vehicles can result in blind spots for drivers, making it difficult to notice potential obstacles or dangers within those blind spots. This is especially true in mining operations where workers are dispersed and may move unpredictably. Unlike AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) that follow fixed routes, trucks in these environments require highly sensitive warning systems. These systems should be capable of promptly alerting the driver when people or other vehicles are in proximity, enabling timely braking of the truck.

Mines are typically located in remote outdoor areas where wireless network signals are weak. Utilizing LoRaWAN for communication between devices is a better and more stable choice in such environments. Therefore, it is necessary for the devices to have the capability for LoRa communication.


The customer wishes to use a Raspberry Pi-based hardware solution for easy mass deployment of their system and software. They discovered Seeed, who has been a Raspberry Pi design partner and distributor since 2018, and tested Seeed’s new HMI device called reTerminal DM. The reTerminal DM is an all-in-one HMI device that can simultaneously connect to 4G and LoRa networks. It features an IP65-rated display, making it suitable for outdoor operations and displaying specific obstacle forms and locations, helping drivers accurately locate and identify obstacles. Additionally, the device is equipped with two buzzers that can amplify alerts, effectively reminding drivers to promptly brake or change the direction of travel.

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Seeed Studio has been serving the Raspberry Pi user community since 2013 and took the lead to join the approved reseller and design partner. Since the first version of reTerminal in 2021, we have a series of products including reRouteredge controller series, and this year reTerminal DM, serving creators, makers, enthusiasts, students, engineers, enterprises as well as industries, and every scenario needing Raspberry Pi. 

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