Road Marking System Integrated with Raspberry Pi-powered Device Empower Infrastructure by Road Marking


A road marking solution provider utilized Seeed’s reTerminal, a Raspberry Pi-powered HMI, as the central control unit for their trucks. With an Ethernet connection, reTerminal effectively managed custom control devices, ensuring seamless coordination for paint dispensing and line marking. The compact 5-inch size of reTerminal simplified installation, optimizing the control system’s efficiency. This integrated solution improved road marking operations, contributing to safer and more convenient road infrastructure.

Key Info

Seeed’s solution: Raspberry Pi-powered HMI reTerminal
Industry: Infrastructure
Application: Road Marking


The customer wishes to utilize the flexibility of a Linux OS to successfully deploy their self-developed HMI software. They have their business software running on existing Raspberry Pi devices, but the current devices are unstable and unreliable. Therefore, they approached Seeed as a long-standing customer, relying on Seeed’s product quality. They hope that by using reTerminal, the overall system reliability can be improved.


reTerminal establishes an Ethernet connection to communicate with the control system on the truck, enabling data exchange with various control devices, sensors, and actuators. It collects and processes data from the control system, displaying relevant parameters, status information, and control indicators on the HMI. Additionally, it allows the operator to input and adjust numerical parameters on the local network to send commands and control signals to the control devices on the truck, facilitating road marking operations. It can control the start, stop, and speed adjustment of devices such as spray machines, melters, conveyors, and more.

The two USB interfaces on reTerminal make the initial setup process easier. reTerminal is directly installed in the road marking truck as the central control unit for the entire control system. The 5-inch size of reTerminal is perfectly suited for installation into the existing control box. And the combination of 4GB RAM and 16GB eMMC for Raspberry Pi CM4 has been verified to meet the requirements effectively.

The entire system is utilized in the infrastructure development of road marking. It plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate and efficient road marking operations. By installing reTerminal as the central control unit on the road marking trucks, the system enables seamless coordination and control of various aspects, such as paint dispensing, line marking, and other critical functionalities. With reTerminal’s capability to display control statuses and enable operator input, it enhances the overall effectiveness and precision of the road marking process. This integrated solution contributes to the establishment of well-defined and clearly marked road infrastructure, promoting safety and convenience for drivers and pedestrians alike.

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