Future-proofing Energy Systems Facilitated by Raspberry Pi-powered Devices for Adaptability and Enhanced Safety


A partner dedicated to providing energy management solutions incorporates Seeed’s Raspberry Pi-powered HMI reTerminal and reTerminal DM hardware as safety controllers in their energy management solution. Leveraging the reTerminal series, they ensure the smooth operation of the entire clean energy power system by promptly reporting events such as power outages and calling for real-time reactions. These safety controllers play a crucial role in monitoring and controlling the system of the buildings, contributing to the efficient management of energy resources in the solution, as well as sustainability across the world.

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Seeed’s solution: Raspberry Pi-powered HMI reTerminal and reTerminal DM
Industry: Energy Management / Smart Building


Having a display screen to show system status and the ability to report is essential. Utilizing a Raspberry Pi-based open-source platform can significantly reduce the cost of software and system migration for customers, while also allowing for future adaptation to different scales and types of renewable energy systems. Additionally, since the system needs to communicate with a cloud platform to transmit secure data and report events, it is crucial to consider the device’s capability for reliable communication and effective integration with the cloud platform, including handling network connections, data transmission, and cloud data storage.


The Raspberry Pi-powered reTerminals function as safety controllers in clean energy management systems. They act as an additional redundant system to ensure compliance with safety and regulatory requirements, as well as internal standards. The reTerminal DMs with a bigger screen and higher industrial protection grade are mostly meant to be auxiliary to when the display is needed to be bigger or thinner (essentially a different package).

The reTerminals provide real-time monitoring, control, and feedback for energy systems. They collect data from various components, analyze it using advanced algorithms, and trigger appropriate actions if any parameter exceeds safety limits or if a safety event occurs.

Additionally, the reTerminals report relevant information to the cloud, utilizing LTE capabilities to transmit data during power outages. This enables remote monitoring, analysis, and prompt response from stakeholders.

The reTerminals execute safety protocols, activate protective mechanisms, and initiate emergency shutdown procedures to prevent equipment failures and mitigate hazards.

Overall, the reTerminals enhance the safety and compliance of energy systems by providing real-time monitoring, control, and reporting capabilities, ensuring adherence to safety standards and facilitating remote management.

Raspberry Pi CM4-powered All-in-one HMI

Raspberry Pi All in One Board: Powered by RPi CM4 32GB, integrated with IPS multi-touch screen, dual-band Wi-Fi & Bluetooth, pre-installed compatible Linux system
Modular Design: Featuring industrial high-speed expansion interface and 40-pin Raspberry Pi compatible header
Rich Interfaces & Components: Equipped USB Type-A ports, Gigabit Ethernet, micro-HDMI, micro-SD card slot, MIPI camera interface, light sensor, accelerometer, buzzer, RTC and programmable buttons

Seeed Studio's Raspberry Pi Ecosystem

Seeed Studio has been serving the Raspberry Pi user community since 2013 and took the lead to join the approved reseller and design partner. Since the first version of reTerminal in 2021, we have a series of products including reRouteredge controller series, and this year reTerminal DM, serving creators, makers, enthusiasts, students, engineers, enterprises as well as industries, and every scenario needing Raspberry Pi. 

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