AI-powered Home Security with DeepStack and Home Assistant

Hardware: reComputer J1020v2 with NVIDIA Jetson Nano

Application: Object Detection & Face Recognition

Industry: Smart Home

Deployment Location: United States
In recent years, the importance and indispensability of AI-driven home security automation systems have surged, marking a great shift in the way we safeguard our homes. With an escalating need for advanced security measures, AI technology offers a proactive and intelligent approach to home protection.

These systems, equipped with sophisticated algorithms, can analyze vast amounts of data from various sensors, cameras, and devices, allowing for real-time threat detection and response. With the powerful support from the Home Assistant platform, the AI security system can be easily integrated into the whole house control under full automation, eventually making your home smarter.


Robin Cole, the creator of brings the AI face recognition solution to the smart home, integrating DeepStack objects/face detection and recognition services into the popular home automation platform Home Assistant(HA).

DeepStack runs in Docker containers and exposes various computer vision models through the REST API for communication. Its Object Detection model can identify 80 different types of objects, including people, vehicles, and animals.

While detecting action is triggered, the pre-trained model connected with DeepStack API will send a response to HA, which can then perform tasks at Home based on this and other inputs. DeepStack can run on Jetson devices, and it achieves good inference times on a Yolo-based training model with deep learning, which runs using PyTorch. DeepStack and Home Assistant coordinate communication through the Go server and Redis layers.

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