AI Drone Infrastructure Inspection to Free Dangerous Human Operation

Hardware: reComputer J3011 with NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano

Application: Power Infrastructure Inspection

Industry: Electrical Power System

Deployment Location: United States

The emergence of electric power artificial intelligence architecture, especially the application of automatic grid maintenance supported by drones, which are powered by the Jetson edge devices, has effectively improved the efficiency of checking operation for the power system and the widespread promotion of distributed energy, resulting in an overall jump in social productivity.


Currently, power grid inspection grapples with a myriad of emerging challenges. The proliferation of power grid equipment poses a significant hurdle, escalating reliability requirements year after year. Compounding the issue is the shortage of human resources for operation and maintenance, especially for the tiny issues that need to be checked, such as the small bird nest adhering to the power tower. With the inherent inefficiencies, traditional manual power grid inspection heavily relies on subjective assessments and lacks a standardized process.

Simultaneously, equipment status control is inadequate, as on-site personnel struggle to access crucial historical information such as equipment defects, faults, and maintenance tests. This deficiency blocks the ability to prompt and guide field personnel proactively in conducting equipment status assessments, defect identification, and judgment. Addressing these challenges is crucial for enhancing overall work efficiency in power grid inspection.


To replace the human workload with much convenience and ease, the drone detection system powered by Jetson Orin Nano makes tiny detecting tasks happen.

The system employs a drone to capture high-definition inspection images, which are then processed by Jetson Orin Nano in conjunction with an object detection model. This allows for the swift identification of potential hazards such as nests and branches on poles and towers. The drone ensures comprehensive monitoring of the target, capturing images from various angles to mitigate the impact of shooting angles on identification accuracy. Importantly, this approach eliminates the need for manual tower climbing by workers, significantly reducing safety risks associated with traditional inspection methods.

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