AI Fire Fighting Robot for Comprehensive Investigation as the Fast Response

Hardware: A603 Carrier Board Compatible with NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano/Orin NX

Application: Fire Detection & Information Acquisition

Industry: Fire Rescue

Deployment Location: New Zealand

As front-line personnel, the fire rescue department bears tremendous work intensity, risking their lives to guard everyone’s safety. Rescue in complex environments, especially in some chemical industrial and toxic gas factories, is very dangerous. Usually, they can not understand all important situations at the first time very timely and effectively. The fire detection robot can be used as the first echelon to complete fire detection and fire fighting, which greatly expands the practicing scope and ability of the fire rescue team.


Developing a fire inspection solution can be extremely challenging. Firstly, the extreme environmental conditions, reaching temperatures of 1000 ℃, present a significant hurdle in maintaining the image quality of the robot’s lens. The capability to capture clear and reliable data in such a high-temperature environment is pivotal for effective fire detection. Secondly, how to make informed decisions based on all the diverse field information collected by the robot is also a complex task. Lastly, ensuring the robot’s safety during fire detection is crucial at the same time. It necessitates the development of sophisticated obstacle detection and avoidance mechanisms, allowing the robot to navigate and detect fires for an extended duration without compromising its own safety.


The system utilizes heat source tracking through infrared thermal imaging, and at the same time, it accurately judges the right direction and quickly heads to the detection area. The camera combines anti-thermal vibration components and a well-performing sealing system, which can work in extreme temperature conditions for a long time.

The multi-band time-sharing image detection system reduces the impact of the high-temperature radiation source on the equipment, ensuring the image quality. The collected scene images are transmitted to the Jetson Orin NX, combined with the A603 carrier board for processing in real time.

Hardware Choice: A603 Carrier Board – The Ultra Small & Lightweight Carrier Board for Jetson Orin

The compact extension board features a rich set of IOs including 4xUSB ports, M.2 Key E for WiFi/BlueTooth, CSI, and HDMI for high-quality video capture and display, which make the whole system more flexible and easy to integrate into various applications, especially for robotics, ROVs, and drones to save space efficiently. With the great support from Jetson Orin NX, it’s easy to identify the rescue object, the fire’s spread, and the damage to the site structure so that the rescue personnel can formulate effective plans and plan a reasonable escape route.

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