Edge AI Zebra Crossing Detection through Dashcam on the Road

Hardware: reComputer J1020v2 with NVIDIA Jetson Nano

Application: Pedestrian Crossing

Industry: Smart Transportation

Deployment Location: United States

computer vision technology has been successfully deployed in video analytics solutions on the edge, making every camera count on-site. Thus, one more application with vision is the dashcam for situation recognition on the road! For now, it can only do a daily recording of vehicles driving day and night, without any AI analysis to deliver valuable insights to drivers for decision-making in the next step. The edge intelligent device provides a fast and accurate solution based on the YOLO algorithm, effectively identifying zebra crossings and judging whether vehicles cross the line from the perspective of a dashcam.

How it works

The whole system is designed and provided by the team of Zhengde Zhang, Menglu Tan, Zhicai Lan, Haichun Liu, Ling Pei, and WenXian Yu, who proposed the paper “CDNet: a real-time and robust crosswalk detection network on jetson Nano based on YOLOv5” together.

The real-time processing and analysis performance of the Jetson Nano device achieves an impressive 33.1 FPS, furnishing valuable information for drivers. Its high robustness extends to challenging outdoor conditions like rain, snow, cloudy days, or nighttime.

To navigate complex environments, a potent convolutional neural network feature extractor is employed. The network integrates a Sequence-and-Excitation (SE) attention mechanism module for enhanced performance. The Negative Sample Training (NST) method elevates accuracy, and the Region of Interest (ROI) algorithm further accelerates detection speed. The adoption of a novel Slide Receptive Field Short-term Vectors Memory (SSVM) algorithm enhances the precision of vehicle cross-behavior detection. Additionally, a synthetic fog enhancement algorithm is incorporated, enabling the model to adapt seamlessly to foggy conditions.

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