Previously on chatCEO s24e01: AI+Everything in CES and Beyond

Why join us for the live?

Let’s sync monthly with Eric Pan and team, to

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How was the live stream?

On Jan. 26th, we concluded a live stream with the theme “AI+Everything in CES and Beyond.” Despite its nearly 2-hour duration, the show felt engaging and informative. We received overwhelming support and love from our viewers in the chatbox, fueling our passion to continue providing valuable and enriching content for our audience. 


  • CES Findings: Our CEO, Eric Pan shared the trends and takeaways from CES 2024, along with three exclusive videos from the event. In this part, you can find a lot of innovations at CES.
  • Special New Release: Seeed Studio Grove Vision AI V2, the world’s first MCU-based vision AI module powered by Arm Cortex-M55, Himax Technologies, Inc., and Ethos-U55.  
  • Tiny Machine Learning Wiki: We’ve been working on Tiny Machine Learning for years, and in the live stream, we shared our wiki for those interested in learning more. We hope more makers can use AI for their projects. [Seeed Studio Wiki] Tiny Machine Learning .
  • SenseCAP K1100 Promotion: An exclusive promotion featured the SenseCAP K1100, a plug-and-play toolkit for integrating AI into IoT projects. Live demonstrations showcased the kit’s capabilities, along with special discounts for viewers. 
  • No Code AI Deployment:Eric showed us the ease of deploying AI models using the SenseCraft AI platform and the Mate App. Eric also demonstrated other demos such as Node-RED Dashboard:In house for Home Assistant.
  • Co-Create Program: There’s one more important thing: the Co-Create program.This program aim to encourage community collaboration and innovation, offering support for makers looking to bring their ideas to life.Join our Co-Create program! 

Beyond that, Eric and Christina took us to a deep dive into some other cool Seeed products, including ReSpeaker, Camera Module, and more! We also hosted six rounds of product giveaways to win Grove Vision AI V2, Raspberry Pi 5 8GB, and SenseCAP K1100. Congratulations to all winners! Even if you didn’t win, don’t worry. We’ll continue raffling off prizes during our upcoming live streams. Exciting, right?

Upcoming LIVE session:

Next Live will be on Feb 29th about “AGI + Everything”! We will share our experiments on integrating Edge LLM with home assistant, to build your own Jarvis towards real world deployments.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and events from Seeed Studio. Remember to like, comment, and subscribe to stay connected with us. See you next time!

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