Transforming Retail Management – Automating Operations and Staff Allocation with Edge AI Technology

Hardware: reComputer J401 Carrier Board Compatible with NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX module, A603 Carrier Board Compatible with NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX/Orin Nano module

Use Case Provider: DATADOIT

Application: Operation Efficiency Optimization

Industry: Smart Retail

Deployment Location: Tunisia

Within the continuous development of smart retail, DataDoIt delivered this innovative video analytics solution as an AI-powered IoT box, which integrated seamlessly with Seeed Jetson carrier boards alongside NVIDIA Jetson Orin modules, crafted to redefine how retail businesses deploy staff, engage with customers, and streamline their operations.


There are two critical challenges in staff management within the retail sector, that influence operational efficiency and customer satisfaction:

  • Outdated Staff Assignment Method
    • Traditional staffing systems lack the flexibility to adjust to real-time demand, leading to understaffing during peak times and overstaffing during slow periods. This misalignment results in missed sales opportunities, compromised service, increased operational costs, and decreased staff productivity.
  • Uneven Distribution of Responsibilities
    • The challenges extended to the uneven distribution of staff responsibilities, affecting various functions within the retail environment such as customer service, security, and inventory management. This imbalance makes it difficult to maintain service quality and operational effectiveness.


Edge Vision Box – Bassira

DataDoIt utilized the J401 and A603 carrier boards carrying the NVIDIA Jetson Orin modules to equip DataDoIt’s smart IoT box: Bassira Nexus and Bassira Camera. The carrier boards serve as a versatile and feature-rich bridge for the Jetson modules, offering expanded connectivity options and power management features. These board form factors, rich I/O connectivity, and energy efficiency enabled the IoT devices to integrate the existing retailers’ CCTV infrastructure in a no-hassle and quick fashion. It ensures the great computational power of up to 100 TOPS AI performances can be released enough for real-time AI processing, flexibility for peripheral connections, and scalability to meet the evolving demands of the retail sector. 

In the typical deployment, the whole solution can cover a space divided into 16 zones, each should be monitored by a dedicated camera, ensuring a granular level of insight into various areas within the retail stores for precise staff allocation and real-time optimization. Besides single-store management, you can also extend the solution for managing chains of stores with geographically dispersed locations, deployed with more than 16 cameras.

All information can be centralized on a unified dashboard to streamline decision-making and facilitate a cohesive management strategy for retail chains. You can not only optimize stuff allocation by tracking the data distribution on the dashboard but also tailor marketing strategy through the customer demographic to foster a strong and lasting relationship between business and their valued clientele.

Whole Solution Workflow

Real-Time Data Collection

The Bassira Nexus collects real-time data about customer traffic status, demand patterns, and shelf conditions, from various inputs such as cameras, NVRs, and DVRs. All data should be transferred and analyzed with advanced algorithms and computer vision models training with the NVIDIA TAO platform, performing real-time model optimization based on DeepStream and Triton server to adjust team scheduling from actual demand.

Analysis Optimization for Better Assignment

In the meanwhile, the solution takes into account the skills and expertise of each staff member. Tasks are intelligently assigned to ensure effective use of available skills. It’s also flexible to foster a collaborative working environment by allowing staff members to request and manage shift swaps within predefined guidelines. All processes and management are based on the analysis of the current situation on-site.

Streamline Operation Efficiency

To enhance communication, automated notifications are generated for shift assignments, ensuring that staff members are informed promptly. One more crucial capability of this solution is that it monitors staff performance in real-time, issuing automatic alerts in case of cleanliness issues or shelf conditions problems, thus optimizing the team’s efficiency. 

This whole integrated workflow of Bassira ensures proactive, flexible, and intelligent personnel management, thereby contributing to the overall operational efficiency of retail businesses. 


DataDoIt is a pioneering tech startup in Tunisia, specializing in intelligent solutions for the retail sector. Committed to reshaping the landscape of staff management, they delivered a flagship product – Bassira, which leverages cutting-edge AI and computer vision technologies. Tailored for supermarkets, department stores, and specialty retailers, Bassira optimizes staff allocation, enhances customer service, and streamlines operational efficiency. By focusing on real-time insights, scalability, and adaptability, DataDoIt makes a position as a leader in providing transformative solutions for businesses seeking to thrive in the dynamic and competitive retail environment. 

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  2. The article “Edge AI-Driven Excellence: Elevating Retail Customer Service through Streamlined Operation and Staff Allocation” by Jennie Wang is a comprehensive and insightful exploration of how cutting-edge AI technology is transforming the retail industry. The innovative solution offered by DataDoIt, utilizing the NVIDIA Jetson Orin modules and Seeed Jetson carrier boards, demonstrates a deep understanding of the challenges faced by retailers and provides a practical and efficient way to address them.

    The article’s detailed explanation of the challenges in staff management, such as outdated assignment methods and uneven distribution of responsibilities, highlights the importance of technology in optimizing operational efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction. The solution’s ability to integrate seamlessly with existing CCTV infrastructure and provide real-time insights into customer traffic and demand patterns is truly impressive.

    Furthermore, the article’s emphasis on the scalability and adaptability of the solution, as well as its potential for use in single-store management or across chains of stores, underscores its versatility and potential impact on the retail sector. Overall, this article serves as a valuable resource for anyone interested in the intersection of AI and retail, showcasing how technology can drive innovation and improve business outcomes.

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