Announcing The Dual Network Tracking Solutions with AWS Sidewalk and LoRaWAN®, a  Joint Demo by Seeed Studio, AWS and Semtech at Embedded World 2024

We are thrilled to announce a joint demonstration between AWS, Seeed Studio, and Semtech at the upcoming Embedded World 2024. This collaboration brings together the expertise of three 

industry leaders to showcase a groundbreaking solution. Embedded World 2024 is global conference and exhibition which will be held in Nuremberg, Germany, showcasing the latest trends and innovations in the embedded systems industry from 9 to 11 April 2024.

The Joint Demo: Dual-Network Tracking Solutions with Amazon Sidewalk and LoRaWAN®

Traditional asset tracking can suffer from network coverage limitations. Dual-network tracking solutions with Amazon Sidewalk and LoRaWAN address this challenge. Experience seamless LPWAN network roaming with this asset-tracking demo. Featuring the Seeed Studio Wio Tracker Dev Board and robust SenseCAP T1000-S Tracker device, both powered by Semtech LR1110 and Nodic Semiconducter’s nRF52840, the setup demonstrates seamless transitions between LoRaWAN and Amazon Sidewalk networks unified by AWS IoT Core.  Experience the future of low-power wide-area connectivity with this solution’s versatility for real-time asset tracking applications.

Dual Network Support: With a single button press, switch between LoRaWAN and Sidewalk to maintain persistent connectivity.

Cloud-Connected: Witness data transfer in real-time to AWS IoT Core, resolve data with AWS IoT Core Device Location, and visualize using Amazon Location Service in an AWS web app on a laptop display/monitor.

Battery-Powered Efficiency: The devices ensure consistent operation, untethered by wires for a truly mobile experience.

Used Products:

Live demo showcasing this functionality can be found here:

Booth Information

The joint demo will be exhibited at the partners’ booths, where visitors can experience the technology first-hand. Please stop by if you’re visiting Embedded World.

  • Seeed Studio Booth: Stand 4-551, Hall 4
  • AWS Booth: Stand 4-552, Hall 4
  • Semtech Booth: Stand 3-320 / Stand 5-227 

Call to Action

We invite you to visit these booths to experience the joint demo live. Don’t miss this chance to engage with industry experts and gain insights into the latest IoT technologies. Join us at Embedded World 2024 for this exciting demonstration!

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  1. Very nice, but would be lot more interesting using some open tools like TTN and Home-Assistant for example or any open-tools instead of proprietary AWS stuffs 😉

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