OpenGlass: Turn Any Glasses into AI Smart Glasses for Just $20 with XIAO ESP32S3 Sense

Have you ever wanted to try smart glass that can help you in day to day life? Check out OpenGlass, a groundbreaking project that empowers you to convert any ordinary glasses into smart, hackable eyewear. With around $20 in off-the-shelf components, you can build your own smart glasses capable of recording your life, remembering people, identifying objects, translating text, and much more. This innovative project was brought to life by Nik Shevchenko and the creative minds at Based Hardware.

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To get started with OpenGlass, you’ll need the following components:

How it works?

It operates using our XIAO ESP32 S3 Sense, a small yet powerful microcontroller, and an EEMB LP502030 battery, both of which are housed in a 3D printed glasses mount case. Once the hardware is set up and the firmware is flashed to the XIAO ESP32S3 board, the software comes into play. The software, which is installed by cloning the OpenGlass repository and installing dependencies, provides the smart features of the glasses. These features include life recording, people recognition, object identification, and text translation. The software uses API keys for Groq and OpenAI to access advanced AI capabilities.

“XIAO ESP32S3 Sensor is really small and it comes with a tiny but powerful camera. More importantly, it’s super cost-effective, which is very important for a scalable project like OpenGlass. The price, the form factor and its strong features, these are the reason that we like it a lot!” Quote by Nik Shevchenko, team lead at Based Hardware.

How to contribute?

Interested in OpenGlass project? Want to create your own OpenGlass, check out their step-by-step tutorial to learn how to build your own OpenGlass here or contribute to their GitHub project.

If you want a pre-built kit, fill out the interested form to get notified for your own OpenGlass. Join the Based Hardware Discord for setup questions, contribution guide, and more.

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