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Congratulations to Jasen and Alex, the creative force behind Makeblock, the make-your-own-robot project.  After devoting over six months to product development and manufacturing, the first generation of Makeblock products was released this week.  Take a look, at the seven kits devoted to robot construction.

1. Makeblock 2WD/Crane Robot Kit – Blue

2. Makeblock 4-Leg Crawler Robot Kit – Gold

3. Makeblock 4WD/2WD Robot Kit – Gold

4. Ultimate Makeblock Robot Starter Kit – Gold

5. Makeblock Structure Extension Kit – Gold

6. Makeblock Timing Belt Extension Kit – Gold

7. Makeblock Link Rod & Plastic Plate Extension Kit – Blue

Unlike most robot kits which are made of plastic, Makeblock is made of strong, hardened aluminum which is able to support the weight of an adult and more.  In conjunction with a more durable material, Jasen and Alex, have developed a unique design utilizing threaded slots to allow you to put screws anywhere along the beam, eliminating the need for nuts and providing unlimited options in placement.  They also use industrial standard components, motors, links, timing belts, gear and rotational and linear bearings to bring flexibility to this system.  Let’s not forget that the kits are 100% compatible with all Arduinos/Seeeduinos and the whole Grove Prototyping System as well!

This batch of Makeblock kits are either in gold, blue or silver color.  If these colors aren’t your thing, stay tuned because Jasen and Alex are currently working on new parts, new kits and alternative color choices to be released soon!

Use Makeblock to turn your idea into success! Check out the recap of our latest workshop, click Makeblock simplifies your robot dream.

A robot can’t be called a robot without some degree of intelligence.  To help robot enthusiasts get up and running quickly and have fun with their projects, Jasen and Alex came up with  4 different electronic kits for hobbyists of all levels.  Choose from the beginner, basic, advanced, or lab kit listed below.

1. Electronic Beginner Kit for Makeblock

2. Electronic Basic Kit for Makeblock

3. Electronic Advanced Kit for Makeblock

4. Electronic Lab Kit for Makeblock

All these kits are compatible with the latest Makeblock kits. You can easily mount these electronic parts onto the Makeblock platform and build an autonomous robot.  Each kit allows you to build a robot that can sense and do different tasks.  These range from a simple line-finding robot to a versatile one that can not only explore and influence its environment, but also communicate wireless with you via your smartphone or PC.

Note: All these kits are offered at a special discount for a limited time.  It’s  the perfect opportunity to make an order and kick off your robot project.

On the other hand, Seeed hasn’t stopped on our quest to make electronics more user-friendly either.  We are always adding to our large family of plug-and-play Grove modules.  This week we have the Grove – Barometer Sensor and the Grove – 4-Digit Display in stock.

The Grove – Barometer Sensor is a nice product for people who would like to take advantage of the Bosch high-accuracy barometric pressure chip BMP085.  The sensor measures an extensive range of pressure with a high resolution up to .25 m while at the same time expanding the chip’s input voltage range to the most common 3.3 V and 5 V.  Now you have seamless integration with your Arduino/Seeeduino or Seeeduino Stalker without any extra fuss.

The Grove – 4-Digit Display is another great gadget.  It scales down the 12 pins that are required to control a 4-digit module to 2 Grove pins.  It’s a useful addition you should keep in stock for any project that requires an alpha-numeric display.

That’s all for now. Until next time, keep on making.

(Written by Erin Linke)


June 2012