WK4: New Products Overview

Hey, markers and hackers, the new product overview is coming again. There are  multiple tools and useful accessories are ready for you on this time. Let we see what are they!

1) Foam Cutter-11cm with electronic transformer

2) Foam Cutter-16cm with electronic transformer

3) Foam Cutter-26cm with copper transformer

Foam cutter contains 11cm, 16cm and 26 cm length. And it can bend into any shape you want. You can even make an iron man with this foam cutter. Just let your brain imagine.


4) Hacksaw Kits

Hacksaw kits is a good friend of maker. He can cut metal, pipe, twist, plastic, rubber, glass, ceramic tile, etc.


5) 3.5 Inch TFT Display for Raspberry Pi – Resistive Touch Screen

6) 4 Inch TFT Display for Raspberry Pi – Resistive Touch Screen

Those 2 TFT LCD are designed for RPI. As they are both touch screen, you can design on it for many things.


7) GDA-HLU1 (USB adapter for Gicren’s Servo Controller)

GDA-HLU1 is a USB-to-RS485 adapter(automatic data direction control) for all Gicren’s standard devices, whose conversion mechanism is “USB <-> UART(FT232RL) <-> RS485(SP485EEN)”, so it can also be used for other general purpose via pin header, such as “USB<->UART”, “USB<->RS485” and ”UART<->RS485”.


8) GDD-FAN1(Fan for Gicren’s high-power device)

GDD-FAN1 is specially designed for many of Gicren‘s devices when the power dissipation is large. It integrates two JST-PH2.0-9Pin connectors which are distinguished by the name of “Upstream” and “Downstream” (Warning: the differences between them are marked on the silkscreen).


9) Booster-B24V2A5(Brushed DC Motor Controller/Dual H-bridge )

10) Booster-B36V2A5(Brushed DC Motor Controller/Dual H-bridge )

Booster-B24V2A5 and Booster-B36V2A5 are a dual H-bridge power driver, which integrates 2*4 N-Channel MOSFETs and various protections(reliable and flexible). It can be used for controlling the brushed DC motor, high-power LED and so on. In addition, it integrates RS485 and I2C into one connector, and they share the same user register, so it can be used via any one of the two interfaces at any time.


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