Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect with Headers - U-blox Wifi/6-axis IMU

The Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect is the feature-packed Arduino Nano board built with Raspberry Pi's new silicon.It supports WiFi connectivity thanks to the U-blox® Nina W102 module.

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Key Features

  • Raspberry Pi RP2040 Microcontroller: The all-new low-cost Raspberry Pi silicon is the first microcontroller developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation.
  • Dual-Core 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0+: Get started with machine learning with TinyML, TensorFlow Lite or Edge Impulse thanks to the high-performance energy-efficient microprocessor clocked at 133 MHz.
  • U-blox® Nina W102: The first and only RP2040 board with native Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.
  • ST LSM6DSOX 6-axis IMU: Combined accelerometer and gyroscope with a dedicated machine learning core.
  • Microchip ATECC608A Cryptographic Co-processor: The powerful, low-power processor that is used in all MKR Family boards.
  • Step down converter: Achieve high efficiency and low noise over a wide input voltage range with the built-in switch mode power supply
  • Arduino Nano Form Factor: Solder headers to start prototyping with a breadboard, then solder directly into your final product. The familiar Nano form factor gives you the choice to use the board according to your needs, backed by the vibrant Arduino community.


The feature-packed Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect brings the new Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller to the Nano form factor. Make the most of the dual-core 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M0+ to make the Internet of Things projects with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity thanks to the U-blox® Nina W102 module. Dive into real-world projects with the onboard accelerometer, gyroscope, RGB LED and microphone. Develop robust embedded AI solutions with minimal effort using the Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect

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BoardNameArduino® Nano RP2040 Connect
SKU ABX00053
Microcontroller Raspberry Pi RP2040
USB connector Micro USB
Pins Built-in LED Pin 13
Digital I/O Pins 20
Analog input pins 8
PWM pins 20 (except A6, A7)
External interrupts 20 (except A6, A7)
Connectivity Wi-Fi Nina W102 uBlox module
Bluetooth Nina W102 uBlox module
Secure element ATECC608A-MAHDA-T Crypto IC
Sensors IMU LSM6DSOXTR (6-axis)
Microphone MP34DT05
Communication UART Yes
I2C Yes
Power Circuit operating voltage 3.3V
Input voltage (VIN) 5-21V
DC Current per I/O Pin 4 mA
Clock speed Processor 133 MHz
Memory AT25SF128A-MHB-T 16MB Flash IC
Nina W102 uBlox module 448 KB ROM, 520KB SRAM, 16MB Flash
Dimensions Weight 6 g
Width 18 mm
Length 45 mm



  • Software&Cloud
    • Arduino IDE
    • Arduino CLI
    • IoT Cloud
    • Web Editor



HSCODE 8543709990
USHSCODE 8471490000



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