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DUMANG Mini Mechanical Keyboard with Magnet - Custom Value and Macro

DUMANG Mini Mechanical Keyboard with Magnet - Custom Value and Macro is a keyboard which can customize the key values and macros. It contains a baseboard to carry the key modules with magnets which are easy to attach and detach the baseboard.

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We have released the DUMANG Mini Mechanical Keyboard with Magnet (full size) with 82 keys!

Key Feature

  • Key modules can be added and removed at will
  • Key modules with magnet to attach the baseboard
  • Able to add, take off or move key modules during operating, support up to 44 key modules
  • Customize key parameters, macros, allow repeat key values
  • Compatible with Cherry keyboard shaft
  • 1000 times per second reporting rate, high sensitivity
  • RGB backlight
  • Switch: kaih KT switch blue (Actuation force: 50±10gf; Actuation travel: 1.9±0.4mm; Total travel: 4.0±0.4mm)


Have you ever seen a removable keyboard? I think this keyboard will bring you a lot of fun when you are typing or gaming. It is so cool that you can DIY the keyboard on your own style!

This Mini DIY Mechanical Keyboard has two parts: one is a baseboard, the other are key modules. All the key modules can be moved independently on the baseboard. The mainboard can support up to 44 key modules and you can move them everywhere during operating. The baseboard also has a holder to relax your wist. This keyboard is powered and communicates with PC by a USB Type - C interface which is commonly used these days.

What's more? Compare to the normal keyboard, this Mini keyboard is more sensible. It can respond to the PC about 2ms, which is 5 times faster than the normal keyboard. The Mini keyboard can self-define the value of the key and macros. It can configure macro to each key module.

We have just released the number keyboard, and the letter keyboard will be available later on.


  • The baseboard can be doubled for a whole keyboard, up to 8 baseboards
  • Each key module has a magnet to attach the baseboard
  • 17 key modules and a DK6 Mini baseboard
  • Each key module has an MCU so as to configure macro to each of them
  • Support the horizontal and vertical position
  • Support up to 44 key modules on one baseboard
  • Hold has 6 levels to adjust the height
  • Power and communication interface: USB Type - C Interface
  • Baseboard dimension: 147 x 120 mm
  • Key module dimension: 1u (19 x 19 mm) for number key like "1", 1.5u (24 x 19 mm) for "ctrl" key


HSCODE 8471607100
USHSCODE 8471601050
EUHSCODE 8471707000
RoHS 1




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