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GestureR is a single tiny module that includes Gesture Sensing, Proximity Sensing, and Ambient Light Sensing, they brings you to your DIY devices, with one of the latest technologies in advanced smartphones !

GestureR is the first gesture sensing shield you can find in the market, it is tiny ; inexpensive and user-friendly!

GestureR BREAD

  • Size around 21 x 11mm

  • Pins pitch in DIP format.

  • Compatible with breadboards.

  • 1 Bright RGB LED

We also have Gesture R "Shield" and Gesture R "Tiny",please click to check.


GestureR can communicate with any Arduino Host or other microcontrollers through I2C interface. Sample codes for most of the useful functions in Arduino format are available.

Gesture Sensing:

GestureR can distinguish your gesture in 4 directions in 3 different speeds.

Proximity Sensing:

GestureR can sense the distance of an object up to 10cm from the sensor.

Ambient Light Sensing:

GestureR can measure three level of ambient light.


Gesture controlled control products such as AC Power; Appliance and lighting control.

  • GestureR + Relay Shields = Touchless Power Switch

  • GestureR + IR Controller Shields = Smart Remote

  • GestureR + LED Panel Shields = Smart Lamp

Controller in hygiene environments

Specification of Gesture Sensor


For any technical support or suggestion, please kindly go to our forum.

Technical details

Dimensions 66mm x66mm x10mm
Weight G.W 15g
Battery Exclude


HSCODE 8517703000
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