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      Google AIY Voice Kit

      Google AIY Voice Kit

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      This project demonstrates how to get a natural language recognizer up and running and connect it to the Google Assistant, using your AIY Projects voice kit. Along with everything the Google Assistant already does, you can add your own question and answer pairs. All in a handy little cardboard cube, powered by a Raspberry Pi.


      User Guide

      ThisAssembly Guide shows you how to assemble the AIY Projects voice kit. The kit is composed of simple cardboard form, a Raspberry Pi board, Voice HAT (an accessory board for voice recognition) and a few common components.


      By the end of this guide, your voice project will be assembled with the Raspberry Pi board and other components connected and running. Then you'll move on the User’s Guide to bring it to life!


      This is a hackable project, so we encourage you to make this project your own! We’ve included a whole section on replacing the Google Assistant SDK with the Cloud Speech API to give you even more options. The Maker’s Guide gives you some creative extensions, settings, and even a different voice API to use.


      We hope this project has sparked some new ideas for you. For more information, please click Aiyprojects.

      Technical Details

      Dimensions90mm x 90mm x 90mm
      WeightG.W 850g    

      Part List

      Voice HAT accessory board1
      Voice HAT microphone board1
      Plastic standoffs2
      3” speaker (wires attached)1
      Arcade-style push button1
      4-wire button cable1
      5-wire daughter board cable1
      External cardboard box1
      Internal cardboard frame1
      Lamp holder1


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        Google AIY Voice Kit

        SKU 110991024
        50+ Available
        Ships on
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