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Grove - Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner/Sensor

The Grove - Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner is a small size, low power consumption, high-reliability Arduino fingerprint sensor.

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  • Built-in 2KByte storage: support up to 100 fingerprints
  • Powerful self-learning function: the more you use, the more accurate the recognition
  • Selectable security level
  • Small size, low power consumption,10uA for standby mode



The Grove - Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner / Sensor is based on the KCT203 Semiconductor fingerprint recognition module, including a high-performance MCU, a vertical RF push-type fingerprint sensor, and a touch sensing device. This module features many advantages such as small size, small fingerprint template, low power consumption, high reliability, fast fingerprint recognition, etc. In addition, it is worth mentioning that there is a lovely RGB light around this module to indicate whether the fingerprint recognition is successful.


The system is equipped with a high-performance fingerprint algorithm, and the self-learning function is remarkable. After each successful fingerprint recognition, the latest challenge feature values can be integrated into the fingerprint database to continuously improve the fingerprint features, making the experience better.


We add the power level shift circuit on the Grove Driver board so that this module can work with both 3.3V and 5V systems. And with the help of the Grove UART connector and the Arduino library we offered, you can build your own Arduino fingerprint sensor/scanner easily.


We have already released the Grove optical fingerprint sensor, this time we bring you the Grove - Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner / Sensor. So what's the difference? Well, let's show you the merits and demerits of both sensors so that you can choose the best one to meet your needs. 


Grove - Capacitive Fingerprint Scanner / Sensor - 24.9$ 

  • Advantage: Can identify biological characteristics, only identify living body, high safety, small size, low power consumption, high accuracy
  • Disadvantage: Poor abrasion resistance, easily susceptible to sweat, stains, finger wear, etc.

Grove - Optical Fingerprint Sensor - 49.9$
  • Advantage: Strong abrasion resistance, good environmental adaptability, and good stability
  • Disadvantage: Large size, high power consumption, and relatively low accuracy, can't identify the living body, low security 


  • Fingerprint lock devices: door locks, safes, steering wheel locks, padlocks, gun locks, etc.
  • Fingerprint sign-in, access control system


Technical DetailsDescription
Fingerprint Template Storage Max. 100
Connector Grove UART
Sensor Resolution 508 DPI
Sensor Pixel 160*160
False Rejection Rate <1%
False Acceptance Rate <0.005%
Match Response Time(1:N Mode) <350ms
Match Response Time(1:1 Mode) <7ms
Sensor Size Φ14.9mm
Frame Size Φ 19mm
Power Consumption Full speed: ≤40 mA; Sleep: ≤12uA
Operating Voltage 3.3V /  5V
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 70 ℃
ESD Protection Non-contact 15KV, contact 8KV


Hardware Overview 

Part List

  • KCT203 Semiconductor fingerprint recognition module x1
  • Sensor cable x1
  • Grove cable x1
  • Grove driver board x1


HSCODE 9031809090
USHSCODE 9031808070
EUHSCODE 9013101000
EU DoC 1
RoHS 1
UK DoC 1



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