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Long Range GPS Tracker with Wio Terminal

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This kit can implement Long Range GPS tracker. And this tutorial introduces how to use Wio terminal to create your own Long Range GPS tracker. You can view the sender's location on the map in real time.


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    Ramin Sangesari provided us with a tutorial on how to use the Seeedstudio Wio terminal to create your own Long Range GPS tracker. Long Range technology sends coordinates from the sender to the receiver (Wio terminal). After processing by the receiver, the sender's location can be seen in real time on the map.


    Before officially starting this project, you should prepare the listed development boards, components and other materials. The kit has two parts, the sender and the receiver.



    The main controller of the sender is the compact Seeeduino XIAO, which is connected to the Grove module through the Grove Shield. The receiver uses the serial communication interface to easily connect the Grove Long Range Module to the Wio Terminal. In addition, you can use aluminum batteries and power modules to power the above devices. After the hardware is connected, you can directly download the code provided by the author of the webpage and use it after burning. For specific operations, you can refer to Long Range GPS Tracker with Wio Terminal - 


    The kit can be used for navigation, property security, immediate assistance in emergencies, pet location tracking, caring for the elderly, protecting sculptures and artworks, traveling alone, etc. It can be used for other map services, such as Google Maps or MapQuest, with minor modifications. In addition, it also has functions such as alarm notification, data upload and storage to the cloud, distance calculation and so on.



    • Live tracking on OpenStreetMap (It can be used on other Map services for example Google Map or MapQuest with minor changes)

    • By double pressing the button on Sender, you receive an alarm notification (Buzzer Beep) in Receiver. (Wio Terminal)

    • The Temperature/Humidity sensor indicates the current Temperature/Humidity of the Sender.

    • The buzzer on Sender provides a sound which helps you find the Sender Box.

    • The information received from the Sender on Wio Terminal can be stored on the memory card. (This information includes coordinates, date, time, temperature and humidity)

    • It is possible to upload information received from Sender on a personal server or other cloud services for example Adafruit IO.

    • Calculate the distance from the Sender to Home with the DistanceBetween2P function. (In meters)




    • Navigation

    • Instant help during emergencies

    • Securing your vehicle

    • Location tracking of Pets

    • Looking after the elderly

    • Protecting Sculptures and Artworks

    • Solo Travelling

    • Fleet and Shipment Tracking

    • Merchandise Security






    Project Demo Video





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