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Lulzbot KITTAZ - A Workhorse Kit 3D Printer

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The LulzBot KITTAZ 3D printer is an assembly required kit 3D printer based on the proven platform of the best-selling, fully assembled LulzBot TAZ
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The LulzBot KITTAZ 3D printer is an assembly required kit 3D printer based on the proven platform of the best-selling, fully assembled LulzBot TAZ. KITTAZ is an ideal tool for educators, hackers, and anyone that likes to make things.
KITTAZ vs. TAZ: Do you want to compare KITTAZ to TAZ, our flagship machine? See the KITTAZ vs. TAZ Comparison below. Interested in a fully assembled machine machine? Check out the LulzBot TAZ!
Shipping Notice: The 3D printer will be shipped out from USA within a week, and Fedex will be considered as a priority delivery method. 

Tools required, but not provided, for assembly: 
Regular Screw Driver 
Phillips Screw Driver 
Side Cutters 
1.27 mm Hex Driver 
1.5 mm Hex Driver 
2.5 mm Hex Driver 
3 mm Hex Driver 
4 mm Hex Driver 
5.5 mm Socket/Rachet/wrench 
3/16" Socket 
13mm Wrench 
Packing List
TAZ 3D printer kit and 24V power supply
30 Day Warranty
30 Day Support
Libre / Open source hardware 
All LulzBot products are Libre / Open Source Hardware. Why does Open Source Hardware matter? It means you can benefit from the latest advances in the 3D printing industry, and we encourage you to modify or adapt your machine to your heart's content.
Large print volume
Like the TAZ, KITTAZ boasts a spacious 11.7in x 10.8in x 9.8in print area with a controllable heated bed for large items or many small items at once. 
Award – Winning documentation
LulzBot 3D printers come with award-winning documentation described by Make magazine as, “useful to anyone using a 3D printer.” Want to learn more? You can see the digital KITTAZ operating manual, pictorial assembly instructions, and more in the Links section of this product listing. 
Upgrade - Friendly
KITTAZ is a no-frills machine that, once built, has everything you need to start 3D printing. Plus users have the option to upgrade parts that don't come standard, such as the LCD controller and components or the fully assembled electronics case with components for a second extruder. You can also upgrade to other TAZ accessories, like the Flexystruder, allowing a wide range of printing material options. 
Made in Colorado
This 3D printer kit includes clear labeling and packaging by our team in Loveland, Colorado, USA for a streamlined assembly experience. To make your assembly even easier, we take care of the wire harnessing and crimping so you can start 3D printing sooner. 
Print Surface: Heated Borosilicate glass bed covered with PET film
Print Area: 298mm x 275mm x 250mm (11.7in x 10.8in x 9.8in)
Print Volume: 20,500cm³ (1238 in³) of usable space
Top Print Speed: 200mm/sec (7.9in/sec)
Print Tolerance: 0.1mm (0.0039in) in X and Y axes. Z axis is dependent on layer thickness
Layer Thickness: 0.075mm to 0.35mm (0.003in - 0.0138in)
Supported Materials: ABS, PLA, HIPS, PVA, and wood filaments
Usable Filament Sizes: standard 3mm (0.1in)
Physical Dimensions
Overall Dimensions: 680mm x 520mm x 515mm (26.8’’ x 20.5’’ x 20.3’’)
Weight: 11kg (24.25lbs)
Power Requirements: 100 - 240 VAC
Temperature: Maximum operating temperature (Extruder), 240℃ (464F)
Temperature: Maximum operating temperature (Heated Bed), 120℃ (248F)
Corresponding Interface
Fusion 3D Printing service
Open Source
For any questions, Please email sales[at]lulzbot.com or call +1(970)377-1111! 
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★★★★★ Great bag
Purchased this for my 23 year old daughter in the butterscotch color. Great versatile color. She loves the size -- perfect for day or going out at night. Chain can be double to shorten for nighttime and left long to wear as a crossbody during the day.
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