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      Phoenard Phoenon Proto

      Phoenard Phoenon Proto

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      This Phoenard on-board extension can be connected to the small header on the main board and screwed in with the case. You can then add your own electronic designs to the Phoenard to be carried around with it.

      If you want one Phoenard, please visit here.


      • A 5 x 20 prototyping grid for soldering components to (2.54mm)    
      • A group of SMD component sockets are exposed    


      • Safe operating conditions        
        • Temperature: -10 ~ 60 degrees celcius            
        • Humidity: 20% - 90%            
      • Power        
        • Main board voltage: 3v3            
      • Accessible pins        
        • Analog: 6 analog pins (A0 - A5)            
        • Digital: 3 general purpose I/O; supports PWM (digital pins 12, 13, 47, shared I/O!)            
        • ISP Interface: 4-pin (MISO/MOSI/SCK//GND)            
        • I2C Interface: SDA/SCL            
        • Power: 3v3 (main board)            

      Part List

      • 1 x Phoenon Proto PCBA    


      This board uses a 3v3 main board voltage and may not be compatible with all 5v sensors and devices. The 5v power on the extension connector is only present when USB power is provided.

      A starters guide together with documentation and software examples is available on our website:

      Technical Details

      Dimensions100mm x 60mm x 3mm
      WeightG.W 5g    


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        Phoenard Phoenon Proto

        SKU 102990205
        3 Available
        Ships on
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