Seeeduino GPRS

Seeeduino GPRS

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Seeeduino GPRS is a IoT panel, you can connect to the internet through GPRS wireless network with it. Making/answering voice calls and sending/receiving SMS messages are also supported. Meanwhile, Seeeduino GPRS supports FM radio function and bluetooth communication. Seeeduino GPRS is base on Atmage32U4 and SIM800H. Atmage32U4 is a microcontroller and it is compatible with Arduino. SIM800H support Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz, it can transmit Voice, SMS and data information with low power consumption. SIM800H also brings some extra features like for example Bluetooth and FM radio. It is designed with power saving technique so that the current consumption is as low as 0.1mA in sleep mode. 


  • Compatible with standard Arduino leonardo

  • Quad-Band 850/900/1800/1900MHz

  • Headset jack

  • Convenient external SIM card holder

  • Control via AT commands

  • Support Bluetooth

  • Support FM

Technical Details

Dimensions0mm x 0mm x 0mm
WeightG.W 50g    

Part List

Seeeduino GPRS1


ECCNNot Available


Questions and Answers

These reviews are fake! Why would you lower yourselves to using fake reviews. It's unethical. I won't buy from a company that does this.
on Oct 26,2017
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Hi charles~ We attach great importance to your comment. Seeed valnu its reputation very much, fake reviews or deleting low star reviews is not an option of Seeed.We have checked the system, it seems that you did not buy or write any review of this product. So we have to doubt that this is only your suspicion.We fully understand your suspicion, please allow me to explain. When you confirm the order, it will pop up a prompt: " If you do not review the product within 15 days of clicking "Confirm Receipt" the system will automatically rate the product 5 stars. " Also we will email this tips for customer. So you see, there are many 5 star without comments. If you have any other doubt, please email us # # or just leave a comment here. Regards
on Oct 27,2017 15:05 PM
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"If you do not review the product within 15 days of clicking "Confirm Receipt" the system will automatically rate the product 5 stars. " This statement concerns me because with or without comments, to force a customer to comment on a product or award 5 stars automatically is unethical and probably illegal in this country. I will no longer do business with a company that engages in deceptive practices.
on Oct 31,2017 22:43 PM
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Sir,we apologize for our ill-considered decision, and thank you for criticizing us in time. We attach great importance to your suggestion, and will take the necessary measures as soon as possible.Regards
on Nov 02,2017 09:46 AM
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Hi, I would argue that not writing a review (for many reasons) is not the same as giving automatically 5 stars. I would suggest that you remove that automatic 5-star 'self-review' because is still unethical in my opinion.
on Nov 20,2017 21:18 PM
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Hi Raul ~ Thank for the suggestion form you, Hank and Charles. We have already removed the automatic 5-star system.Regards
on Nov 27,2017 10:55 AM
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Why is Pin 11 + 12 only going to 1,2V when set to high??? (INPUT_PULLUP). Pin 13 does this because of the LED, I know, but why do Pin 11 + 12 behave like that?
on Mar 06,2018
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Hi Till~ Please check the Eagle file of Seeeduino GPRS, the both pin11 and p12 are connected to resistance or diode. That is why they only can output 1.2v. =====================================dividing line=========================
on Mar 13,2018 16:34 PM
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    Seeeduino GPRS

    SKU 102010016
    This item is no longer available.
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