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SenseCAP T1000-B LoRaWAN Tracker for Indoor and Outdoor Positioning


The SenseCAP T1000 is a card-size LoRaWAN® tracker that utilizes GNSS/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth for precise indoor & outdoor location tracking. It assures reliable tracking across various applications.

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T1000 comes in four versions now: 

For T1000-A/C/S, it has built-in temperature sensor, light sensor, motion sensor.

For T1000-B, there are no built-in sensors.

*via GNSS Cloud: Semetech's LR1110 LoRa Edge solution is utilized to acquire location data, and the location is encrypted and sent to Semetech LoRa Cloud for decryption.

** T1000-S supports AWS Sidewalk, T1000-A/B/C support LoRaWAN.


Many trackers claim to track anything anywhere but often fall short.

For trackers with BLE connectivity, have a limited transmission range. Imagine being downstairs and trying to track your wallet on the second floor - a typical BLE tracker might be unable to help.

4G/LTE trackers, while offering better coverage, can’t easily expand to wilder areas like mountain trails, mining sites or ski resort, not to mention the high transmission costs for commercial use.

So, what's the answer? You want an extensive range, ease-of-use, low data fees. We know it is difficult to pick, and you want them all!

This is where the SenseCAP T1000 shines. As a LoRaWAN tracker, it has all the features you want, and more! It delivers precise positioning across vast areas, whether indoors or outdoors, even in remote places. It stands out as a truly reliable tracking solution.


What makes SenseCAP T1000 stand out?

Feature 1: Seamless indoor and outdoor positioning

T1000 effectively employs BLE and Wi-Fi for pinpoint indoor positioning and utilizes GNSS technologies, including GPS, Beidou, Galileo, and GLONASS for precise outdoor tracking.


Feature 2: Credit card size can fit in any application

At a mere 6.5mm thick, this small and slim tracker can easily slip into envelope-like spaces.


T1000 fits in wide range of scenarios:


Feature 3: Emergency Report

The panic button switches the tracker to SOS mode, which sends data frequently to your platform and triggers the built-in buzzer to alert people nearby that an emergency has occurred.


Feature 4: Cheaper in data transmission fee

Using LoRaWAN, the communication costs are significantly lower compared to cellular networks like 4G, LTE Cat-M, and LTE Cat-1. This greatly lowers the barrier to entry for mass commercial use. For instance, with the same amount of data, using a SIM card on other networks could cost up to $3 while with LoRaWAN it is only $0.05.


Feature 5: Months of battery after a single magnetic charge

With magnetic charge design to enhance water resistance. (ps: Battery life depends upload interval, work mode, etc., please refer to datasheet)


Feature 6: Never lose track of what was happening - Store data offline when out of connection


Feature 7: Built to endure harsh environments

T1000 is with industrial-grade design, equipped with IP65 waterproof protection. It's built to endure harsh environments, with a working temperature ranging from -20℃ to 60℃ (-4 ℉ to 140℉).


Thus, if you're on the hunt for a simple, cost-effective tracking solution, SenseCAP T1000 is an optimal choice, especially in routine areas where activities or movements occur on a regular, predictable basis. This could include a designated route for delivery vehicles follow, a university campus where students move between classes, or a resort where guests visit certain attractions regularly.


Keep track of what you care

T1000 is truly a locator that keeps you connected to the people and things most important to you. Whether they're in a building, spread across a campus, dotted around a city, or placed in the wild, the T1000 has got you covered!

Your bag, motorbike, personal belongings? Sure!



How it works?

Used in LoRaWAN network. T1000 tracker is a LoRaWAN device, which means it operates under the LoRaWAN network. LoRaWAN network is available worldwide, with services provided in over 160 countries, making LoRaWAN networks widely accessible.


There are over 150 LoRaWAN network operators globally. Some of the notable ones include: Actility, Everynet, Helium, SenRa, The Things Network.


Facing poor signal in your area?

If your area suffers from poor signal, just simply install a LoRaWAN gateway - it's as simple as setting up a Wi-Fi router. The beauty of LoRa lies in its flexibility and ease of network expansion. This reliable solution is also cost-effective. For instance, the SenseCAP M2 Indoor LoRaWAN Gateway, priced at just $99, can extend your coverage up to 10km!



Only 3 steps to get the location on SenseCAP Mate App.


SenseCAP Mate App provides an easy hands-on experience with T1000, you can set up and configure the tracker's parameters, like changing data uplink interval, and viewing the latest and historical locations.


SenseCAP Mate App offers a 3-month free plan for all newly added trackers, and after the trial period ends, the cost is only 0.99 USD per month.

If you choose not to onboard the Tracker into SenseCAP Mate App, you are entirely free to use your own LoRaWAN network provider and cloud services.

Already have your own tracking platform and system?

Not a problem! Openness is the thing we always keep in mind. You can access our open API to streamline data to your platform, or you can easily integrate the T1000 into your existing system.

Here is our partner ecosystem from chip provider, network providers, and platforms.


Accessories used with SenseCAP Tracker T1000

Snap Hook and Nylon Lanyard are prepared for quick use.


Want a new design? Sure! We are open for customization.

Seeed provides one-stop R&D services for fast development from concept to production, contact [email protected] for custom LoRaWAN tracker/badge/tag design.


The tracker reference design is open too!

We deeply value the developer community and believe that open source can lower barriers to innovation and accelerate ideas to prototypes. For those passionate about building your own trackers, we have prepared an open-source development kit - the Wio Tracker 1110 Dev Kit.





LoRaWAN® (v1.0.4 Class A)


Bluetooth v5.1, setting via App

LoRaWAN Channel Plan



Range: -20 to 60℃;

Accuracy: ± 1℃ (min ±0.5℃, max ±1℃)

Resolution: 0.1℃


0 to 100% (0% is dark, 100% is brightest)

3-Axis Accelerometer

3-Axis Accelerometer to detect movement

LED and Buzzer

1*LED and 1* buzzer to indicate status


1* Button to operate and trigger events (SOS)


Internal (GNSS/LoRa/Wi-Fi/BLE)

Communication Distance

2 to 5km (depending on gateway antenna, installation, and environments)

IP Rating



85 * 55 * 6.5 mm

Device Weight


Operating Temperature

-20℃ to +60℃

Operating Humidity

5% - 95% (No condensation)




GNSS Constellation

T1000-A/B: GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/BeiDou/QZSS

GNSS Sensitivity

-145dBm cold start / -160 dBm Tracking

GNSS Location Accuracy

2.5m CEP 50%

Wi-Fi Positioning

Passive scanning, uploads the scanned 4 MAC addresses

Bluetooth Positioning

uploads the scanned 3 best signal MAC addresses of Beacon

Data Cache

Cache 1000 data when there is no LoRaWAN network


Battey Capacity

Rechargeable lithium battery, 700mAh

Battery Life Estimates

4 months on a single charge (uplink every 1 hour, only GNSS data)

Battery Life Monitoring

Periodic uplink battery level

Charge Cable

(Adapter not included)

USB magnetic charging cable, 1 meter

Power Input Voltage

4.7 to 5.5V DC

Charging Temperature Limit

0 to +45℃ (Beyond the temperature range, the charge will be limited, and the LED will blink quickly)

Part List



USB Cable (Adapter not included)


Quick Start



HSCODE 8526919090
USHSCODE 8517180050
EUHSCODE 8517180000



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