while(){DSO_nano.open_source (APP) = TRUE;}

Thanks for participating the vote or suggesting on the forum, we will keep pushing DSO nano open source to a higher level.

(photo by willardlane)

1. You could start first by updating to the hottest 3rd party user interface by Paul, latest v1.5 firmware available for downloading.  And operation manual. It is not open sourced yet, but we are discussing with designer about the possibility.

2. To start hacking, try the latest APP source code here, its comment is in Chinese, which we will translate it soon. You might need an IAR workbench 4.42 evaluation version to compile and link the image. Currently the image for DSO nano is uploaded by DFU (direct firmware upgrade), consisted of 3 parts: bootloader, LIB and APP. As a cooperative project, we need to respect partner for reserving the rights on bootloader and LIB. But we could publish the latest APP firmware open sourced from now on! 🙂

Check this guide for firmware upgrading and generating if needed.

3. Please feel free to post your questions and ideas in the forum, we will response ASAP.

Also, you can impact the next hardware design!

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2 thoughts on “while(){DSO_nano.open_source (APP) = TRUE;}

  1. Any updates on obtaining the source for Paul’s firmware? It looks like a great place to start for those of us who want to play with the Nano’s software.

  2. This is a shade off-topic but:
    Maybe you guys shouldn’t show so much of this kind of stuff on the site. I mean, if this keeps up, I’ll go broke!
    I’ve seen so many things in your inventory I really have to have, but I don’t have everything I wanted yet, and then you’ve got these certain jewels that, well, having two just really isn’t enough.
    I know, art is meant to be admired, but come on! Is all this temptation really necessary?
    I have a nano, and I’m really glad I do, but how can I enjoy it when I have to constantly suppress the urge to buy another?
    And when I think I’m winning the struggle – you just have to print an article like this.
    I know you’re doing this on purpose. I know you know I can’t resist forever. Do you have to increase sales so badly you’re willing to keep me awake at night thinking about how cool it would be to have a second nano to try all this stuff out on?
    I won’t have enough money left over to buy things I still haven’t even got ONE of, even though they’ve been on my MUST HAVE list for months.
    I’m glad I saw this on a monday at least. I’d hate to spend my weekend thinking about it.
    If it doesn’t stop I’ll end up wanting to try to get a job at your company and negotiate my wages in as many parts per hour as I can haggle.
    Then again, I’d hate to get fired for not working, which is really hard to do when you’re trying out each new wave of inspiration.
    How do you guys manage it anyway? That’s got to be hard!

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