Incoming! Pick and Place machine!

We don’t want to keep pushing our PCBA factory any more. All factories in Shenzhen prefers quantity to keep their machine running, so small orders will take high setup fee and unnecessary lead time. It might take only half day to assemble 100 pcs Bus Pirate but has to wait for 3-5 days for the bigger batch ends.

Waited for 2 months, we have our own Pick and Place machine shipped from Germany now! It will be dedicated to 100 pcs NPI (new product integration)  manufacture. This will enable us much shorter lead time, less setup fee, and closer quality control. We will open this capability as a service called “Propagate”. It will take a few more months, since we are improving our internal process and building a new site to cater needs. Hope this will enable more prototypes going to pioneering manufacture.

Check this out:

We admire the small PnP machine Adafruit used, but has chosen bs384.htm because it has dealer in China and they could provide in-site support.  More pics here:

Pick & Place machine

Pick & Place machine

Pick & Place machine

Pick & Place machine

Pick & Place machine

Pick & Place machine


High Accuracy and high Flexibility for 01005, 0201, 0402, 0603, SOIC,
PLCC, BGA, µBGA, CSP, QFP, up to fine-pitch 0.3mm
Non-contact Linear Encoder System for high Repeatability and Stability

Smart Feeder System provides Automatic feeder Position Checking, Automatic Component Counting, Production Data Traceability
Perfect for small & medium volume Production
COGNEX® Alignment System “Vision on the Fly”
Bottom Vision Alignment System for fine pitch QFP & BGA
Built in Camera System with Auto Smart Fiducial Mark Learning
Dispenser system
Vision Inspection before and after production
Windows 2000 Software
Universal CAD Conversion
Placement rate: 4000 CP/H
Ball Screw Systems in X- and Y-Axes
Suitable for 128 intelligent Auto Tape Feeder
The SMT Pick & Place Machines of BS384-series were especially designed for small and medium volume batch sizes. BS384-series work very stable and precise, for components 01005, 0201 and µBGA up to fine pitch 0.3mm. Various models are provided for different applications.

BS384 is fully compatible with BS391- and BA683- series and even the feeders are interchangeable. By this means most reliability and easy maintenance for all models is guaranteed. Preloaded Ball Screws with closed loop Servo Motor system provides high Repeatability and Stability.

Additionally, the BS384-series feature COGNEX vision processing and headmounted
for non-contact “Vision on the Fly” alignment.

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  1. Jan:

    Are you going to offer the production to your customers?

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    Sure, we are preparing it, day and night…

  2. Fantastic! I can’t wait to have a project assembled with it. Any idea what it will be? Maybe the Bus Blaster v2 🙂 We noticed the Bus Pirate board in the picture yesterday.

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