Minibloq: graphical programming environment for Arduino

We have committed ourselves to facilitating the open source hardware community since the company established. Mostly, we concentrate on developing hardware aspect and providing those kinds of service related.


However, there is an intelligent idea comes from software aspect that really catch our eyes. Julián da Silva who has been working in educational robotics since 1994 recently introduced Minibloq project in the Kickstarter. This is the link to Minibloq in Kickstarter.


Basically, Minibloq is a graphical programming environment for Arduino or other type of hardware devices, such as DuinoBot or Maple. The goal is to bring Arduino and other platforms closer to primary schools, kids and beginners. Sounds familiar with the purpose of Grove series products, isn’t it?


Moreover, Minibloq has several features that may be extremely helpful to achieve the targets.


  • Easy to use: Obviously, with the help of advanced interface, just a few clicks then the program start running.
  • Free and open sources: Free is good to lower the thresholds and open sources is even better. The spirit of OSHW.
  • Portable: Minibloq is installation-free and even can run from a flash drive. It is suitable for low-end computers and netbooks, such as OLPC XO and the Intel Classmate netbooks.


I’d like put some pictures below that show how Minibloq looks like.





Imagine that, kids can play Arduino-kind stuff just like they do with their toy car right now. And beginners who have no experience in programming may be able to involve in DIY gadgets with the help of Minibloq and Grove (I may like to say:).


As always, your support will be crucial to determine the result of that project. Every bit helps and every comment can make our Grove products better!

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  1. i want to measure the area of circle using minibloq v0.81.beta software using arduino uno. Give me some ideas about how to display the area in my bot and how to do the program

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