Customer Review of our Fusion PCB Service

Big Mess o’ Wires has a review of our Fusion PCB Service, it would help us to improve ourselves and also may help you to get more understanding of what we can offer in this service.


Overall I’m fairly happy with these Seeed PCB Fusion boards: decent build quality and cheap pricing. Yes, there are a few dinged and damaged boards, but given the total number of boards for the price (and the two bonus boards I received), I can call those throw-aways and still have a good deal. I would certainly use them again. For smaller boards where the costs are comparable, though, I would favor Dorkbot PDX’s PCB service, since it’s a few days faster and seems to be a bit higher quality.

We’re happy to receive feedbacks from you, and will work hard to provide better pcb fabrication and assembly service for our customers. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any feedbacks. Cheers!

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  1. I can’t more than agree, the service is great, I also got 12 boards instead of 10 and they all had great quality. The only downside is the “extra” silkscreen(Letters, numbers and a big blob on one of my smd pads that I had to scrape of with a sharp knife, once that was done i could solder the resistor without a problem). Apart from that It’s a great service!

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June 2011